The global leader in Beta and Delta Testing software

Recruit Targeted Testers

Build a community and select the right people to test your products.

Manage Impactful Projects

Collect feedback and manage your entire program in a single place.

Discover and Deliver Insight

Make informed recommendations to ensure a successful launch.

Targeted Product Testers on Demand

The Right Testers Make all the Difference

The Centercode Platform enables you to easily build your own dedicated community of enthusiastic, pre-profiled customers, prospects, and employees, who are ready to join your private or public Alpha, Beta, and Delta Tests at any time.

Once established, you can leverage your thriving tester community to identify the exact candidates you need - testers that match the specific demographic and technical attributes of each product's unique target market.

You can continue to grow your tester community with fresh candidates by leveraging Centercode's own Betabound global tester community at any time.

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Launch Successful Projects in Hours, Not Weeks

Powerful Feedback with a Friendly Face

Centercode provides everything you need to easily collect all of the critical feedback you need to launch a successful product. This includes Bug Reports, Feature Requests, Diary Journals, Open Discussions, and much more.

Once collected, process and prioritize feedback with ease using Feedback Automation, Custom Workflows, and Impact Scoring.

When you're ready, feedback flows automatically into your existing systems like JIRA, increasing the internal adoption of your Customer Validation program.

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Make Informed Product Decisions

Informed Product Decisions Every Time

Centercode's powerful reporting capabilities enable you to analyze and present your test results with ease, all from a single, intuitive interface designed to allow you to freely explore your data in real time.

Sharing and presenting your insights and recommendations is a click away, offering the ability to instantly send mobile-ready glanceable reports, raw results in Excel format, and beautiful pre-formatted presentations.

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Customer Validation Framework

Given the necessary human element of Customer Validation, a great platform alone isn't enough to succeed. To contend with this challenge, your Centercode subscription offers a complete solution including everything necessary to consistently deliver successful results over and over again.

  • Detailed Processes

    Detailed procedures covering the wide variety of activities necessary to execute a successful test.

  • Professional Assets

    Professional assets and templates including test plans, recruitment decks, and strategy interview guides.

  • Best Practices

    Comprehensive guides covering key tactics and pitfalls common to Customer Validation programs.

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Centercode Platform Editions

Program Edition

A robust Customer Validation platform including features focused on integration, automation, and prioritization.

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Enterprise Edition

A Customer Validation solution designed for the comprehensive needs and flexibility of the Enterprise.

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Unlimited Edition

A scalable Customer Validation solution including dedicated infrastructure and no project or user limits.

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