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Product Management

New Product Development (NPD)

What is new product development?

New Product Development (NPD) is a product development process that uses stages to help teams strategize, define, design, and develop a product for market. This process typically applies to the entire process of introducing a new product to market or bringing an existing product to a new market.

The IDEO approach to new product development

The team at IDEO specializes in the introduction of new products and they have developed a great five-step procedure for bringing a new product through development and into market.

  1. Understand and Observe. Learn about the problems, challenges, and needs of customers.
  2. Synthesize. Dive deeper into the problem space and make sense of the data collected in the first stage.
  3. Visualize. Try to picture the customer using the product or solving their problems with your solution.
  4. Prototype and Test. Get the concept into a state where feedback from your target market can be used to enhance the product experience.
  5. Design and Validate. Finally, start designing and developing the solution and validate that it meets user expectations.

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