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Our ebooks, kits, whitepapers, and webinars cover the entire delta testing process and will help you perfect your products through more and better feedback.

Cover and interior pages from Centercode's Feedback Scoring whitepaper
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Cover Image: Beta Test ROI Kit

This kit includes everything you need to build an ROI model for an individual beta project or comprehensive beta program, including a complete spreadsheet, whitepaper, and a video tour.

Cover Image: Getting Ready for Beta Testing

This free whitepaper offers tips and best practices for preparing your product, team, and testers to hit the ground running on your Beta Test with maximum effectiveness.

Cover Image: 100 Tips for Better Beta Tests

This free eBook is a compilation of Beta Testing best practices from our own experience, plus contributions from great companies like Adobe, Autodesk, Avid, Tivo, Symantec, and UPS.

Cover Image: Beta Test Agreement Kit

Need beta agreements before you can start testing? Centercode has you covered. This free kit provides sample agreements as well as an explanatory companion document.

Cover Image: Beta Testing Hardware in an Increasingly Complex World

We share advice on how to run a successful hardware beta test that will help ensure your product is ready to launch in today’s rapidly expanding landscape.

Cover Image: Reaching 90% Beta Participation

This free eBook from Centercode outlines 12 essential Beta Testing best practices that our team relies on every day to attain a 90% participation rate from our beta testers.

Cover Image: ROI of Beta Testing

Beta Testing provides immense value to your company, but it can be hard to pinpoint the exact ROI. We’ll take a closer look at the impact beta testing can have on your company’s bottom line so you can showcase what you’re bringing to the table.

Cover Image: Setting the Right Goals and Objectives for Your Beta Test

Since each beta test is different, figuring out how to set goals for your individual beta tests can be difficult. Join the Centercode Research Team as they show you how to set targeted objectives for your next beta test.

Cover Image: How Betas Can Give Your Product a Competitive Edge

Together with Pragmatic Marketing, Centercode’s Emily Hossellman explores how soliciting customer feedback before release can mean the difference between a stellar launch and a flop.

Cover Image: Running a Successful B2B Beta Test

Join our team as they share their expert advice on running successful B2B beta tests that will help you save time, money, and resources so you can hit the ground running with happy customers.

Cover Image: How to Juggle Multiple Beta Tests at Once

Running multiple beta tests is incredibly challenging. Join our test managers as they share their advice for handling the demands of multiple beta tests at once.

Cover Image: Recruiting and Selecting Great Beta Testers

The Betabound community management team shares their processes for recruiting, qualifying, and selecting the best beta testers for your projects.

Cover Image: Building the Voice of the Customer into Your Product’s Development

We’ll look at how to leverage feedback from your customers with different stakeholders in your company to build better products.

Cover Image: Wyze Case study
Case Study

Wyze leverages Centercode to increase feedback management efficiency by 80%.

Cover Image: Caavo Case Study
Case Study

Caavo leverages Centercode to achieve 250% beta test ROI in just 3 months.

Cover Image: Arris Case Study
Case Study

Arris leverages Centercode to save $1M in potential lost revenue due to critical bugs.

Cover Image: Tableau Case Study
Case Study

Tableau leverages Centercode to Increase beta team productivity by 100%.

Cover Image: Sonim Technologies Case Study
Case Study

Sonim Technologies leverages Centercode to connect with Its developer community.

Cover Image: Denon Case Study
Case Study

Denon uses Centercode Managed Services to test the HEOS wireless audio system.

Cover Image: Esri Case Study
Case Study

Esri creates a consistent experience for testers and developers using Centercode.

Cover Image: One Cloud Case Study
Case Study

One Cloud partners with Centercode to test their first software product.

Cover Image: Embarcadero Case Study
Case Study

Embarcadero builds a unified, integrated beta program with Centercode.

Cover Image: Cisco Case Study
Case Study

Cisco leverages Centercode to handle their growing beta testing needs.

Cover Image: FSG Case Study
Case Study

Future Stars Game uses Centercode to validate their product with customers.

Cover Image: F-Secure Case Study
Case Study

F-Secure uses Centercode to build and manage a 12,000-person beta community.

Cover Image: Centercode Platform Executive Overview

A high-level view of the Centercode Platform, its features and benefits, and how it helps you improve your Customer Validation program.

Cover Image: Centercode Platform Brochure

Centralize your user testing data, reduce the cost of test management, and increase tester engagement with Centercode's delta testing platform.

Cover Image: Centercode Services Brochure

Hit the mark on your user testing initiatives every time with Centercode Managed Services that deliver prioritized, actionable recommendations for increased product success.

Cover Image: Centercode Company Brochure

Drive product success with delta testing solutions from Centercode. Automate recruitment and test management and get prioritized user feedback during every phase of development.

Cover Image: Centercode Platform Features and Benefits

Dig into our platform’s key features and learn about the benefits each one brings to your test projects and your Customer Validation program as a whole.

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