The following SLA applies to all Centercode Software Editions.


Uptime Guarantee

Centercode will use commercially reasonable efforts to make the Centercode Software available with a Monthly uptime percentage of at least (99.9%) during any calendar month. In the event the Centercode Software does not meet this commitment, Subscribers are eligible to receive a Downtime Service Credit as described below.

Scheduled Downtime

General Scheduled maintenance which results in Downtime, including operating system, application, and security updates will include notification at least (5) days in advance and offer multiple optional windows to allow for minimal user-impact. Scheduled Downtime is not included in Covered Downtime, and will be counted toward the Uptime guarantee.

Covered Downtime

Covered Downtime is that which is not caused by force majeure, failure of upstream providers, or by Subscriber’s actions. While Centercode will use commercially reasonable efforts to take actions it deems appropriate to remedy and avoid such events, Covered Downtime does not include any reasonably unforeseeable interruption in service due to third parties.

Downtime Service Credit

For Downtime in excess of 0.1% (~45 minutes) within a calendar month Subscribers will be entitled to one (1) day of service credit for each 0.1% of Downtime. Subscribers shall have the right to terminate this agreement without penalty for any calendar month in which total Downtime exceeds 8 hours.

Service Credit Request

To receive a Service Credit, Subscribers must submit a request to To be eligible, the credit request must (1) include your Company and Community or Project Manager name; (2) include, in the body of the e-mail, the dates and time ranges of each incident experienced; and be received by us within (30) business days of the incident.

If the Monthly Uptime Percentage applicable to the month of such request is confirmed to be less than 99.9%, then we will apply a Service Credit to your next billing cycle.


Software Errors

Centercode strives to ensure all features and tools operate successfully as designed. In the event that Software Errors are experienced by Subscribers, support and resolution periods will be available based on the definitions in Tables 1A and 1B.

Table 1A – Error Level Descriptions

Error Level Description
Critical Errors which (1) cause the software to cease functioning altogether; (2) cause data to be lost.
Serious Errors which (1) prevent the use of a major feature of the software; (2) there is no reasonable workaround; (3) are cosmetic in nature, but participant facing.
Minor Errors that (1) prevent the use of a minor feature of the software; (2) there is a known reasonable workaround; (3) are cosmetic in nature.

Table 1B – Response & Target Resolution Times

Error Level Response Time Remedy/Target Resolution Time
Critical 1 Hour Hot Patch delivered and installed within 8 hours
Serious 4 Hours Hot Patch delivered and installed within 24 hours
Minor 24 Hours Next Scheduled Release

Technical Support

Centercode offers Technical Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Technical Support is offered via; (1) Telephone [US (800) 705-6540;International +1 (949) 460-9117; (2) Secure Web Site (; (3) E-mail (

Critical and Serious issues must be reported via the Web or Telephone.

Support Escalation

In the event that either one or more of the call back or Target For Relief timelines are not met (as set forth in Tables 1A and 1B), Subscribers will be entitled to escalate the issue(s) as per the escalation levels set forth in Table 1C.

Table 1C – Escalation Levels

Name Title E-Mail Telephone
Tony Fisher Training Manager (949) 354-8511
Neil White Chief Technology Officer (949) 294-8423
Luke Freiler Chief Executive Officer (949) 291-9010

Disaster Recovery

Centercode shall maintain disaster recovery plans for generally expected disaster profiles, and shall execute such plans with best efforts and in a timely manner upon the occurrence of a disaster event. Hardware failure plans result in two hour recovery, with a maximum of 4 hours of data loss. Catastrophic failure (such as a regional natural disaster) will result in no more than of 24 hours of data loss, as data is restored from off-site backups in Colorado.

Discontinuing Service

Data collected by the Centercode software is the sole property of the Subscriber. In the event that you decide to leave the software and your account is in good standing, Centercode will make best efforts to assist in moving your data to the new system or appropriate generic file formats.


This document was last updated July 30th, 2014. This is version 1.3. Review the Change Log.