Customer Validation Certification

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Over 90% of today's businesses run Beta and other Customer Validation tests, and the demand for skilled professionals who can manage these projects is higher than ever. The Customer Validation Certification prepares you to execute high-impact projects and programs that deliver real ROI for your organization.

Processes and Techniques for
Key Customer Testing Methodologies

Alpha Tests

Learn tips and tricks for evaluating product stability and driving quality improvements to your product faster. Implement proven techniques for discovering issues early on in the development process and prioritizing issues once they're discovered.

Beta Tests

Produce high-quality Beta Tests using the modern, industry-recognized approach. You'll walk away with in-depth best practices for evaluating customer satisfaction and acceptance of your product and delivering actionable product recommendations.

Delta Tests

Drive agile development of your product after it launches by generating immediate feedback about its upcoming features and fixes. Use this method of continuous Customer Validation to guide product releases and updates throughout its life cycle.

Structure Assignments and Milestones for Every Test Phase

Planning Phase

Strategize, scope, and plan testing projects that deliver increased stakeholder value.

Preparation Phase

Recruit targeted, enthusiastic testers and lay the groundwork for a successful test.

Test Phase

Execute efficient projects that generate high volumes of relevant customer feedback.

Closure Phase

Synthesize actionable insights and deliver prioritized product recommendations.

Professional Development In Customer Validation

Enhance Your Career with Essential Skills

Master the skills businesses are looking for, like improving tester participation, increasing test efficiency, deriving actionable insights, and demonstrating project ROI.

Walk Away with Exclusive Templates and Resources

Take your knowledge further with training decks, process documents, templates, spreadsheets, exam access, and a playbook for managing your Customer Validation program.

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