Increase User Engagement

Automated Workflows to Maximize Engagement

Generating actionable feedback starts with an engaged team and features that convert their energy into meaningful results. The Centercode Platform was designed for this very purpose, providing the tools and automation to onboard and engage users every step of the way.

Automated Tester Onboarding and Engagement

Orchestrate The Ideal Onboarding Experience

Through automated invitations and onboarding tasks, the Centercode Platform enables you to craft a seamless experience for testers right from the very start of each project.

Schedule Tasks For Timely Responses

Maximize feedback submissions with a schedule of tasks to guide participants throughout the project. Monitor progress and automate reminders to track towards your deadlines.

Feedback Collection Made Simple

Collect Issues, Ideas, and Praise

The Centercode Platform provides your entire tester team with easy access for submitting various types of feedback across devices, whether participating in the lab or in the wild.

Customizable Surveys for Capturing Unbiased Feedback

Use turnkey templates or design custom surveys to gather valuable and unbiased feedback. Leverage simple rules or automate with macros to dig deeper into user insights.

Streamlined Features for Maximum Efficiency

Automate The Tedious (But Important) Stuff

Let the Centercode Platform handle the heavy lifting of repetitive and tedious tasks. Automate emails, surveys, and various workflows based on distinct rules and triggers.

Fueled By A Powerful Feedback Engine

Through a hybrid of forum and survey functionalities, plus the accountability of a ticketing system, Centercode's feedback engine fires on all cylinders for unrivaled collaboration.

All That, and Much More...

Dynamic Discussions and Feedback Interactions

Add comments or ask for additional details from directly within each feedback report, or discuss high-level content in project-wide discussion boards.

Capture Tester Attention at Anytime

Incorporate timely notices to escalate mandatory activities and critical information to testers, no matter where they are in their testing process.

Create and Automate Personalized Email Blasts

Mass-customize email messages based on project announcements, deadlines, incomplete tasks, and more. All with built-in opt-out and GDPR compliance.

Branded and Customized Experience

Create and share custom project landing pages, recruitment emails, and onboarding journeys that align with your company's branded experience.

Understanding Customer Perception and NPS

Use Centercode's best-practice templates to better understand overall customer perceptions of your product, generate NPS scores, and more.

Reward Top Performers

The Centercode Platform makes it easy to identify and reward top-performing testers on each project, which facilitates engagement for future tests.

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