Recruit Targeted Testers

On-Demand Access to
Your Targeted Testers

Own a thriving community of targeted testers with the Centercode Platform. Leverage robust tools to streamline sign-up experiences, collect profile data, create and share content, execute digital agreements, and automatically qualify applicants based on recruitment criteria.

Profiled and Prepared for Your Project

Technographic Awareness and Assurance

Whether it's new devices or OTA updates, technology evolves constantly. Leverage our robust network of profiled users with the right mix of devices to ensure interoperability.

Target by Demographic and Technographic Data

From gender to geo to gadgets, easily filter candidates against testing requirements. Leverage customers, employees, or recruit from Centercode's tester network, Betabound.

Dynamic Control of Your Testing Team

Define Highly Specific Tester Qualifications

Screen and qualify applicants based on requirements such as their industry experience, technical competency, participation track record, communication skills, and more.

Establish Custom Roles and Experiences

Grant distinct access and features to various teams, ranging from regular users to VIPs, employees to customers, pre-launch product testers to real consumers of your product.

User Privacy and Data Protection

GDPR Compliant

Alleviate the risk of data security and user privacy issues by centralizing all of your testing teams and project information within the GDPR-compliant Centercode Platform.

The Right To Be Forgotten

The Centercode Platform automatically removes personal data upon opt out, while properly retaining digital agreements in Centercode's centralized agreement center.

All That, and Much More...

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Centercode authenticates users with corporate user authentication single sign-on (SSO) systems leveraging popular protocols like OAuth and SAML.

Centralized Agreements and E-Signatures

Import non-disclosure agreements, collect electronic signatures, and satisfy your legal team's requests with Centercode's centralized agreement center.

API Import From Multiple User Sources

With a single click, bulk import users via API from separate CRM systems and user databases to easily centralize testing within the Centercode Platform.

Dedicated Recruiting URL

Generate distinct links for different recruiting sources - including intranet, support pages, and social media - so new candidates are easy to track.

Automated Tester Nurturing

Outdated profile data causes serious challenges during user recruitment. Automatically send testers reminders to keep their profiles up to date.

Expanded Tester Profiling

Collect detailed profile information from candidates in order to recruit from specific target markets, enrich feedback, and readily surface user & data trends.

User Dashboards and Analytics

Management dashboards provide visibility into community health metrics and indicators like growth rates, profile completion rates, login activity, and more.

Minimize Hardware Purchases

Access Centercode's tester network to reduce unnecessary costs by recruiting those who already own the devices you need for each project.

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