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Since 2001, our team has partnered with hundreds of leading B2C and B2B companies to conduct thousands of Alpha, Beta, and Delta Tests worldwide. Short on staff, time, or resources? Let us do the heavy lifting so your team can focus on building exceptional products.

Expert Analysis Reveals Product Recommendations

What needs to be fixed?

Centercode's professional team analyzes feedback across your project to surface the issues that are negatively impacting your KPIs. Resolve these issues to reduce the amount of product returns, uninstalls, support calls, and negative reviews after launch.

What needs to be improved?

Leveraging Centercode's advanced feedback system, our research team sifts through all of your project feedback to surface important customer needs and desires. Implementing this feedback improves customer satisfaction and contributes to the development of your product roadmap.

What needs to be promoted?

Leverage positive feedback and user-generated content surfaced by our trained professionals by reviewing product delights and praises submitted by testers. These recommendations show you what excites your customers so you can prioritize marketing efforts and dole out kudos to contributing teams.

Collect Feedback During Every Phase of Development

Alpha Testing

Discover bugs and stabilize software builds with early customer feedback from a small group of testers using your product in the wild.

Beta Testing

Verify that your product meets the needs of the market with full testing coverage, actionable product recommendations, and rich customer insights.

Delta Testing

Generate immediate feedback about your product's latest features and fixes so you can drive agile and continuous delivery as it matures.

Measure Product Success Prior to Launch

Net-Promoter Score

The measures of brand loyalty and a customer’s willingness to recommend your product are often deep-seated into company KPIs and success metrics. We'll capture this data before launch so you understand your product's potential and make data-driven decisions.

Star Ratings

You don't need to wait until months after release to start seeing star ratings and product reviews. Get these juicy details from customers privately before launch, and use them to market your product more effectively and make improvements that reduce negative public comments after release.

Satisfaction Scores

We collect simple satisfaction scores for each feature, topic, or use case relevant to your needs to measure success across the board. Leverage these measurements to see how customers accept the individual features of your product and drive improvements.

"Centercode has streamlined our Beta process, giving our customers a consistent and professional interface and allowing our development team to focus on what they do best: building high-quality software."

Marty Thompson QA Manager - RAD Studio

The Most Comprehensive Service

Project Design
and Scoping

Full-Service Participant Recruitment

Project Workspace Configuration

Product Distribution and Tester Onboarding

Tester Communication
and Support



Data Analysis
and Reporting

Custom Survey


Weekly Results and Recommendations

Project Results

Get Instant Feedback from Testers

Surveys are how we explore specific topics and deliver detailed insight into how your testers interact with your product. Leverage our service more fully by creating your own custom surveys to address your team's specific questions or concerns.

Uncover and Prioritize Product Bugs

Bug Reports surface data on the defects or issues encountered by testers in real time. We'll analyze the impact of your bugs based on their popularity and your objectives so that product, quality, and engineering teams can harmoniously prioritize and schedule fixes.

Capture and Retain New Feature Ideas and Suggestions

Suggestions capture testers’ feature requests and ideas to help your product team prioritize your backlog and inspire new roadmap ideas. Our experts prioritize this feedback based on popularity and importance, and deliver actionable suggestions so your team can make data-informed product decisions.

Collaborative Conversations with Your Market

Discussions provide a creative space for testers to interact with each other and for you to observe their perceptions and beliefs. You and your team can treat this like a mini online focus group and engage with testers to reveal unique product insights.

Uncover the Stories Behind the Feedback

Journals enable your team to learn from your customers' journeys with your product as they integrate it into their lives. We'll analyze your testers’ detailed stories and provide insights that help you improve product development and marketing deliverables.

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Setting the Right Goals and Objectives for Your Beta Test

Bring in compelling customer testing results with clear and targeted objectives
that are tailored to your specific product needs.

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