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Tester Network

There’s a better way to find beta testers

Our network of fully profiled testers makes it easy to order up the exact customers you need for testing your pre-release products. Hundreds of thousands of candidates to select from, available exclusively to Centercode customers.

An illustration of a globe and tester avatars located at points on the map

You're in the right place if you:

Don’t have enough testers for an upcoming product test

Have tried to find testers before and it was a lot of effort

Have had poor results because your testers didn’t fit your ICP

Sporadically manage your community of testers

Pick your audience by:

  • Demographics: From age, income, and ethnicity, to gender, education, employment, and everything in between.
  • Techographics: Product ecosystem filters, like which operating system do candidates use? Which other devices would customers use alongside your product?
  • Geographics: Whether you’re looking for residents of Brazil, people who live in a desert, or folks who commute to Berlin for work, look no further.
  • Custom Criteria: Need feedback from people who brush their teeth in circles? Only after flossing? If you can dream it, we’ve got testers for it.
Diagram showing different levels of filtering down test applicants

How we do it

Centercode’s reach into your target market is as much about who we don’t yet know, as it is about who we already know. Our community of testers is continually expanding, and we actively leverage the networks of our community members for increased coverage. That means every slot in your project is filled with enthusiastic testers from your target market — no matter how niche your requirements are.

Ready to meet your market?

Tell us about your customers and who you’re looking to get feedback from, and we’ll show you how easy it can be to grow your community and keep your tester roster full.

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