Find Great Beta Testers

Great beta tests need great beta testers. Recruit qualified, enthusiastic beta testers using our community of 150,000 testers from around the world.

Finding great beta testers and connecting them with the right testing opportunities is a key part of Centercode's offering. Betabound is where our international panel of qualified beta candidates can connect with companies running beta tests. Each day, the Betabound team posts a wide variety of testing opportunities for our community of 150,000 testers. These posts are a combination of tests run by Centercode, our customers, and other companies looking for beta testers. Betabound Global Tester Map

Candidate Profile Elements

When candidates join our panel, they're profiled based on hundreds of pieces of demographic and technical information, making it easy for our team to recruit the right people for your test.
  • Geographic Information - Half of our candidates are within the U.S., with the rest spread internationally
  • Contact Information - Including mailing address, email, and mobile number
  • Technical Experience - Software, hardware, and beta experience are included
  • Employment Information - Includes company, title, and history
  • Educational Information - Details schools attended and degree levels
  • Languages Spoken - Includes skill level for each language
  • Product Interests - Covers more than 25 product categories
  • Disabilities - Provides details about specific disabilities
  • Previous Test Participation - Reporting on participation levels and ranks

Betabound for Our Managed Betas Customers

Our beta managers use the profile elements above to recruit the right members of Betabound into each customer's managed beta test. Since Betabound is built on the Centercode platform, we can add new recruiting elements at any time. If you need to recruit testers based on a criteria we don't currently collect, we can easily expand our profiles to get the exact testers needed for your specific product. If you're targeting a specific group of users that aren't currently represented on Betabound, we can still find them. With more than 10 years of recruiting experience, we're confident that we can find beta testers to match any market.

Betabound for Our Software Customers

As part of your Centercode license, you can announce any of your upcoming beta tests on Betabound to attract new faces to your beta program. In addition to the post, we'll send a targeted email to members of the Betabound community that meet your specific requirements, to ensure that your opportunity gets in front of the right testers.

Betabound for Other Companies

We're committed to helping companies of all shapes and sizes run better beta tests. If your company is looking for beta testers, we'll announce your upcoming test on Betabound at no cost. All you have to do is ask and our team will craft an announcement about your beta test for the Betabound homepage.

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