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Product Management


An initial version of a software or product created to test its functionality, design, and features before it is finalized and released to the market.

A prototype can be developed in different forms, such as a simple sketch, a basic wireframe, a clickable mockup, or a working model. It is usually created in the early stages of the product design process and can be used to validate assumptions, gather feedback from stakeholders, and identify potential problems or areas for improvement.

Prototyping allows software developers and product designers to test their ideas and concepts quickly and efficiently, without investing too much time and resources in building a complete product. It also helps to minimize the risk of developing a product that does not meet the user's needs or expectations.

Once a prototype is tested and validated, it can be refined and iterated upon until a final version is developed. This final version can then be released to the market, knowing that it has already undergone testing and has been approved by stakeholders.

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