Building Exceptional Customer Experiences Starts with
Real Customers in Real Environments

Delivering an exceptional customer experience starts with collecting feedback from real customers before your product enters the market. The problem is that capturing that information from your target markets can be difficult, costly, and time-consuming.

Centercode is the only tool designed to turn time-intensive Beta Tests into streamlined full-cycle Customer Validation projects that reveal deeper product insights and help your team make data-driven decisions during the product development lifecycle.

Frictionless Management from a Single Platform

One system for managing surveys, content, tasks, recruitment, reports, insight-tracking, and anything else you need throughout the product lifecycle.

Advanced Survey Capabilities

Easily create custom surveys that allow your team to collect quantitative data from target markets and validate product experiences before release.

Informative Dashboards for Actionable Insights

Live dashboards allow your team to stay on top of recruitment, onboarding, participation, and product feedback in real-time.

Craft Powerful Activities, Content, and Emails

Create activities that allow for easy engagement with testers and help you address specific project needs and test objectives.

Seamless Integration with Your Existing Systems

Intuitive APIs and webhooks allow you to easily integrate with existing tools or create powerful new functions that take your program to the next level.

Easily Manage a Community of On-Demand Testers

Capture profile information, complete agreements, and recruit testers within a single GDPR-compliant platform.


"Creating a process that brings meaning to the feedback “it didn’t work” is what brought Customer Validation to GoPro. Our CEO says that before Beta, we'd launch a product and wait for the shoe to drop - and invariably, the shoe would drop. Now we still have challenges, but there are no surprises. That insight into launch outcomes is invaluable."

Ed Nelson Director of Beta and Expert User Testing

Centercode Solutions for User and Customer Experience

Customer Product Testing

Modernize Your Approach to Customer Validation

Consolidate your legacy Alpha, Beta, and Delta Testing tools into an end-to-end test management platform.

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Employee Product Testing

Create a Customer Zero Culture Across Your Organization

Dogfooding breaks down silos, spreads product knowledge, and turns development into a team effort.

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Community Panel Management

Deeply Profiled Customers at
Your Fingertips

Maintain an enthusiastic community and easily recruit for your business needs
at a moment's notice.

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