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Our beta test management platform includes a complete feature set for beta programs of all sizes. Easily combine flexible features to get the exact feedback you need to meet your goals.

Centercode is a flexible, feature-rich SaaS platform that many of the world's most successful companies use to run their beta programs. Take a tour of some of Centercode's most valuable features to see how our platform can help you achieve customer validation and build better products.

Dedicated Beta Portal

Slash your recruiting time with your own customer community of pre-qualified beta candidates. Profile your members based on both demographic details and the technology they own, helping you quickly recruit the right beta testers while better understanding the context of their feedback. The entire experience is available on mobile and tablet devices, allowing your testers to contribute freely from anywhere.

Centercode - Beta Management Platform - Project Tools

Project Templates

Kickoff a new beta test in minutes using powerful project templates. Leverage our proven best-practices quickstart template or develop any number of your own templates based on your unique objectives. Centercode Project Templates cover everything from legal agreements to user segmentations, feedback forms, task lists, surveys, reports, and much more.

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Targeted Recruitment

Quickly recruit qualified participants who match the exact profile of your target market. You can survey users for additional information, as well as pre-filter candidates based on their geography, technology, interests, demographics, or previous participation performance. Auto-promote and/or reject applicants based on your own rules, saving time during the busy launch of your beta test.

Centercode Recruitment Landing Page Screenshot

Participant Onboarding

Increase engagement via a friction-free onboarding experience which seamlessly manages digital non-disclosure agreements, secure build and product key distribution, project details, and more. Centercode's Customer Segmentation capabilities allow you to create unique experiences for different groups of users based on any criteria you've identified.

Centercode Notice Management Screenshot

Flexible Feedback Engine

Centercode's customer feedback engine allows you to collect a wide variety of feedback during your beta test, including bug reports, feature requests, forum discussions, daily journals, and product reviews. You can survey testers and assign specific tasks to be completed. Our collaborative feedback capabilities include open feedback, voting, discussion, and predictive feedback matching.

Centercode Simple Feedback List Screenshot

Feedback Scoring

Centercode's Feedback Impact Analytics system leverages key signals including popularity, severity, category, objectives, and other custom factors to help predict the prospective impact that each unique piece of user feedback will ultimately have on your product release. This critical information helps prioritize your efforts in order to launch the best possible product.

Centercode Feedback Impact Analysis Screenshot

Engagement Monitoring

Keeping testers engaged and participating in your beta test is one of the biggest challenges of beta testing. Beta tests typically average lower than 30% engagement rates, greatly increasing your cost and time investment. Centercode makes it easy to monitor, score, and automatically respond to tester activity, allowing you to greatly increase your engagement rates while reducing your time investment.

Centercode User List Screenshot

Incentive Management

Adequately incentivizing and rewarding testers is critical to the longevity of a successful beta program. Centercode's scoring system can leverage both qualitative and quantitative signals to determine exactly which testers are eligible for rewards, optionally distributing digital codes (e.g. gift cards) based on real-time achievements or manually when testing is complete.

Centercode Incentive Management Screenshot

Reporting Engine

The Centercode Reporting Engine allows you to make informed decisions during and after your beta test. Every aspect of your project is available including bug reports, feature requests, surveys, tasks, downloads, participation, and much more. You can segment your reports by technology, demographics, geography, and more to put your data in the right context. Finally, automatically distribute the right reports to the right members of your team so they receive the data they need to benefit from your beta test.

Centercode Reports Screenshot

These are just a few of the many features that make Centercode the most widely used beta platform available today. See the platform in action by requesting a demo or free trial.

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