Continuous Customer Testing

Capture Rapid Customer
Feedback in Agile Development

Continuous Delivery and Agile Development produce rapid releases that need high-quality testing coverage to avoid catastrophic failures. Centercode’s Customer Validation Platform empowers Agile teams to create flexible projects, maintain high user participation rates, and rapidly draw in continuous product insights to support high-speed development.

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Customer Validation and Agile Development
Are a Winning Combination

Rapid Feedback Keeps You On Track with Project Schedules

Your project teams move fast - your feedback collection should too. Keep your projects going with a group of continuously engaged testers who are ready to give feedback on your latest builds.

Data-Driven Decisions with Prioritized and Actionable Feedback

Make smart product decisions by pulling in customer feedback that is automatically prioritized based on severity and popularity, and putting it to immediate use.

Continually Improve Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Outmaneuver the competition as your customers reveal insights that help you build the best possible product and a roadmap that is aligned with market needs.

"The Centercode Platform allowed us to integrate Customer Validation throughout our entire development process and standardize vital information for the rest of the company. Today, executives want our data from design through release, and they won't launch without our tests."

Rob Hart Senior Technical Projects Supervisor

Rapid Feedback Throughout Development

Test Builds

Keep customer feedback flowing throughout every newly released build to ensure product success.

Integration Builds

Ensure integrated builds are stable by leveraging customer tests each time your builds sync.

Beta Builds

Continuously update your Beta builds and collect feedback that helps your software improve.

Delta Releases

Leverage feedback to prioritize your efforts as you continuously improve and release new builds.

It's Time to Exchange Your Old Set of Tools
for an End-To-End Powerhouse

A Robust Toolbox

There is no need to juggle tools when all the features you need to manage your projects are on one platform. Leverage easy tester onboarding, comprehensive project management, powerful reports, and much more.

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Turnkey Configurations and Assets

Get processes, best practices, and resources to consistently manage more successful projects. Utilize a proven framework developed from decades of experience to get started faster and achieve better results.

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Powerful Dashboards and Reports

Leverage data across your organization that drives product improvements and enhances projects. Whether it's user profiles, participation rates, or product issues all of your data is available on one platform.

On-Demand Webinar

How to Juggle Multiple Beta Tests at Once

Managing multiple simultaneous tests as a part of your continuous Customer Validation efforts can be challenging. Join our expert test managers as they share their advice for handling the demands of multiple Betas.

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Getting Your Market’s Opinion Is as Easy as 1-2-3

Surveys capture detailed insights and perceptions from your testers with templated surveys, or you can get answers to your most critical questions by creating your own.

Prioritize, Address, and Fix Bugs Faster

Bug Reports surface data on the defects or problems your testers encounter. Leverage automated prioritization with Impact Scoring to drive resolutions for high-popularity issues.

Prioritize Feature Backlog and Roadmap Decisions

Suggestions capture and archive testers’ feature requests and ideas to help your product team prioritize your backlog and inspire new roadmap ideas.

Uncover the Stories Behind the Feedback

Journals enable your team to learn from your customers' journeys as they integrate the product into their lives. Leverage your testers’ detailed stories to improve product development and marketing deliverables.

Collaborative Conversations with Your Market

Discussions allow you to launch creative spaces where testers can interact with each other and you can observe their perceptions and beliefs.

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