Customer Product Testing

The Industry-Leading
Customer Validation Solution

The most powerful platform for integrating real users in real environments into your Alpha, Beta, and Delta product tests, Centercode’s centralized solution empowers both teams and individuals to recruit users from their target market, manage end-to-end projects, and analyze data to derive actionable product insights.

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Successful Companies Don’t Wait Until Product Launch
to Gain Market Insight

Launch Successfully with Pre-Release Customer Feedback

Early feedback from customer testing reveals unique product intelligence and allows teams to create products that dominate their markets.

Expand Quality Coverage with Real Customer Environments

Enhance your quality testing outcomes and reduce product development friction by leveraging real customer ecosystems to ensure a successful release.

Enhance Your Roadmap with Help from Your Target Market

Discover your product's true potential by collecting customer-validated feedback that evaluates the stability, satisfaction, and adoption of your product throughout its development.

"The Centercode Platform is great for bringing in users, running tests, and collecting feedback, but that’s still just half of the equation. The other half is being able to tap into Centercode’s knowledge. It helps us improve our processes, better manage our team, and engage with our testers."

Toni Ruch Beta Community Manager

Collect Feedback in Every Phase of Development

Feature Complete

Stabilize your software builds early-on in development through bug discovery and prioritization.

Beta Builds

Validate your product's customer acceptance and capture valuable user insights before release.

Launch Candidates

Optimize your product with testing that fuels analytics, enhances AI, and evaluates feature adoption.

Delta Releases

Prioritize future releases with actionable customer insights and product recommendations.

Eliminate the Headaches of Customer Testing
with Centercode’s End-To-End Solution

A Robust Toolbox

There is no need to juggle multiple tools when all the features you need to manage your projects are on one platform. Leverage easy tester onboarding, comprehensive project management, powerful reports, and much more.

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Turnkey Configurations and Assets

Processes, best practices, and resources help you consistently manage more successful projects. Utilize a proven framework developed from decades of experience to get started faster and achieve better results.

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Powerful Dashboards and Reports

Leverage data across your organization that drives product improvements and enhances projects. Whether it's user profiles, participation rates, or product issues, all of your data is available on one platform.


Implementing Feedback Scoring

Without the right tools, prioritizing your feedback can become one of the most time-consuming tasks of customer testing. See how our Feedback Scoring features automatically surface and prioritize your most impactful feedback.

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Get Instant Feedback from Your Testers

Surveys capture detailed insights and perceptions from your testers with templated surveys, or you can get answers to your most critical questions by creating your own.

Uncover and Prioritize Product Bugs

Bug Reports surface data on the defects or problems your testers encounter. Leverage automated prioritization with Impact Scoring to drive resolutions for high-popularity issues.

Capture and Retain New Feature Ideas and Suggestions

Suggestions capture and archive testers’ feature requests and ideas to help your product team prioritize your product backlog and inspire new roadmap ideas.

Collaborative Conversations with Your Market

Discussions allow you to launch creative spaces where testers can interact with each other and you can observe their perceptions and beliefs.

Uncover the Stories Behind the Feedback

Journals enable your team to learn from your customers' journeys as they integrate the product into their lives. Leverage your testers’ detailed stories to improve product development and marketing deliverables.

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