Employee Product Testing

Customer Validation
Begins With Customer Zero

Modernize your dogfooding program, and use an end-to-end tool to maximize your time investment and deliver impactful results. Establish a collaborative culture, promote product knowledge, and increase product success with feedback from customer zero: your employees.

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Employee Testing Benefits Your Products and Brand

Break Down Silos and Encourage Company-Wide Collaboration

You don't need to worry about having too many cooks in the kitchen when you have a creative and collaborative feedback environment that turns would-be-cooks into customer-minded testers. Leverage collaborative spaces for employees to provide their product feedback.

Improve Cross-Team Performance and Product Expertise

Employee testing helps internal teams become more aligned with your product launch as they engage with it on a user level. See the marketing team reach its audience more effectively, the sales team relate the product more accurately, and the support team resolve issues faster.

Deliver Exceptional Products Driven by Employee Feedback

It's easier to launch highly successful products when the whole team feels heard. Leveraging feedback from dogfooding creates product insights, uncovers issues early on in development, uplifts internal teams, and ingrains a culture of quality into your company's DNA.

"Leveraging Centercode's platform and framework to drive our employee testing program is a key part of why 80% of Fitbit employees participate in our Customer Validation projects, and 90% of those employees consistently meet our participation expectations."

Andrew Rios Director of Field Testing

Employee Feedback Throughout Development

Early Alpha Builds

Collect product insights from employee testers early and leverage rapid feedback during development.

Beta Builds

Extend your testing efforts across the company to collect deeper, more diverse product insights.

Launch Candidates

Capture usage metrics, prioritize the product roadmap, and improve product quality for launch.

Delta Releases

Prioritize product updates based on continuous feedback from your employee testers.

Rewarding and Hassle-Free Employee Testing
with Centercode's Powerful Solution

A Robust Toolbox

There is no need to juggle tools when all the features you need to manage your projects are on one platform. Leverage easy tester onboarding, comprehensive project management, powerful reports, and much more.

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Turnkey Configurations and Assets

Processes, best practices, and resources help you consistently manage more successful projects. Utilize a proven framework developed from decades of experience to get started faster and achieve better results.

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Powerful Dashboards and Reports

Leverage data across your organization that drives product improvements and enhances projects. Whether it's user profiles, participation rates, or product issues, all of your data is available on one platform.


Essential Tips for Dogfooding Success

Collect higher quality feedback from your dogfooding program with these practical tips.

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Collect employee opinions and product perceptions

Surveys allow you to ask your colleagues the questions that are keeping you up at night. Leverage easy-to-customize templates to gain detailed insight into how your users interact with the product, or create short ad-hoc surveys to explore specific topics.

Discover Bugs Before They Become Launch Nightmares

Bug Reports allow you to quickly capture data on any defects or problems your colleagues encounter in real time. Impact scoring allows your product dev, quality, and engineering teams to harmoniously prioritize and schedule bug fixes.

Capture and Retain New Feature Ideas and Suggestions

Suggestions capture and archive your colleagues’ feature requests, and calculate their popularity and importance based on your specific needs. These ideas help your product team harmoniously prioritize your backlog and inspire new roadmap ideas.

Encourage Employee Collaboration

Discussions allow you to launch creative spaces where your employee testers can interact with each other across departmental boundaries and you can observe their perceptions and beliefs. Engage with your colleagues and drive conversations with your own mini online focus group.

Uncover the Stories Behind Employee Product Experiences

Journals enable your team to learn from your colleagues' journeys with the product as they integrate it into their lives. Leverage their detailed stories to improve product development and marketing deliverables as you prepare for Beta and product launch.

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