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Download Our Brand New Beta Shipping Manual

February 11, 2016

One of the most challenging aspects of conducting a hardware beta test is developing and executing an effective shipping strategy that can keep your test on track. Experienced beta managers will tell you that even small things like unorganized inventory or packaging mishaps can turn a fairly straightforward beta kickoff into a complete nightmare. Undelivered products are untested products. Devices that are returned late can delay device processing and final reporting.

Before a company can hope to get feedback about their hardware devices, they have to know how to get their units to testers quickly and securely.

To help you develop the shipping and logistics procedures you’ll need to get the most out of your future hardware tests, we’re releasing a new resource based off of the best practices we use in our own tests. The Beta Shipping Manual will teach you how to manage inventory, ship units, and process returns for even your biggest, most ambitious tests.


We will teach you how to choose the right shipping service by comparing and contrasting them for you. We explain the differences between approaching domestic and international shipping, as well as best practices that cover everything from what time of day a package should be delivered to how to avoid getting your packages stuck in customs.

You’ll also learn the procedures we use for:

  • organizing inventory,
  • preparing and packaging your units,
  • tracking and sorting beta units,
  • processing returned units,
  • encouraging quick returns,
  • and more!

Developing and instituting the procedures required to conduct a smooth hardware test is no easy task. It takes careful planning and precise execution at every stage. Our hope is that by equipping you with the right tools and best practices, you will not only be able to establish the efficient and cost-effective procedures that can make your tests successful, you’ll also become an all-star beta manager along the way.

Download The Beta Shipping Manual Now!

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