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Beta Testing

What is beta testing?

Beta testing is a type of user test that helps teams learn about customer satisfaction and uncover issues and defects. By testing a product that's stable enough to work properly in customer environments, teams can make usability improvements, influence the product roadmap, and understand perceptions of the entire product experience from the customer perspective before launch.

Beta testing goes by many names, including: client validation, customer acceptance testing, customer development program, customer experience trials, customer feedback sessions, customer integration, customer technology preview, customer validation, design validation test, early acceptance, early adopter program, early preview, end user validation, field test, friendly user trials, limited availability, market readiness test, pilot test, play test, pre-release, soft launch, user acceptance testing, user test, user validation, and voice of the customer.

For everything you need to know about beta testing, check out Centercode's Ultimate Guide to Beta Testing.

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Who manages beta testing?

Some companies have a fully dedicated team or department devoted to handling or servicing the rest of the company with beta testing. Typically, those managing these tests are called beta test managers or beta program managers.

But not every organization has a fully dedicated team. In this case,  it's common to see other roles step up to the plate, such as:

  • Product managers
  • User experience researchers
  • Quality engineers
  • Support managers

Beta testing has many applications, from improving quality to understanding the customer experience, so it's not uncommon for anyone in this role with a vested interest in these deliverables to run beta tests.

Beta testing templates and resources

We have an extensive library of free beta testing resources, but here are several of the most useful.

Beta test planning

Beta test recruitment

Beta test participation

Beta test feedback management

  • The Feedback Playbook (Ebook): The Feedback Playbook covers everything you need to know about cultivating, collecting, and managing high-quality feedback (like issues, ideas, and praise) during your user tests.

Beta test incentives

  • Beta Test Incentives Kit (Template): How you reward your testers will have a significant impact on the success of your user testing program. This kit will help you build a strategy to incentivize and reward your beta testers for the hard work they put into your beta tests.

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