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Test Strategy

Delta Testing for Product Release

September 7, 2021

Beta, field, and user acceptance testing have the same overall goal in mind: to gather real-world feedback and improve products before launch. But while the majority of companies include customer tests, companies relying on traditional user testing practices experience varying degrees of success.

Others are adopting delta testing as an alternative to legacy practices and as a reliable way to ensure high quality and peak product success ahead of every release.

Delta Testing for Product Release

What is Product Release Testing?

This delta testing use case relies on target market customers to test a new product before launch. Getting feedback from a smaller representation of your target market allows you to identify any remaining bugs that need to be fixed or improvements to make before your product hits your wider audience. These unique insights ensure your customers are getting peak product performance and a seamless user experience right from the get-go.

Delta testing for product release lets you...

  • Prioritize what needs to be fixed before launch. Like other delta test use cases, product release testing makes it easy to determine where Product, Engineering, and UX should focus their efforts to improve your product before it hits the open market.
  • Enhance your roadmap with help from your target market. If you want to discover your product’s true potential, this test type allows you to collect customer-validated feedback that evaluates the stability, satisfaction, and adoption of your product throughout its development.
  • Find out what your customers love about your product. Early feedback from customer testing lets you know what your customers love about your product so that Marketing can focus on the right messaging for go-to-market.

Why It's Better Than Beta

Between increasingly high demands on performance and functionality by consumers and the rapidness of technological evolution to accommodate them, product managers need to tap customer feedback to deliver recommendations faster than ever. But by and large, legacy practices like beta, field, and user acceptance testing haven't been able to keep up.

Delta testing is the modern user testing solution that answers the unique demands of today's customers, products, and development styles. More specifically, delta testing is automated, saving tons of time. It's aligned with sprints and the continuous nature of agile development. And it's structured in a way that makes test execution much easier.

Delta testing also overcomes the challenges of legacy beta practices and delivers critical, customer-driven insights before product release by

  • Increasing feedback relevance with a targeted audience
  • Prioritizing feedback based on its impact on product success
  • Providing actionable recommendations for fixing, improving, and promoting your product
  • Delivering clear metrics, consistent ROI, and the ability to scale programs effectively
Delta Testing for Product Release

Boost Your Confidence at Release

User testing with your target audience guarantees more than a better product and happier customers. It also guarantees peace of mind. You can sleep soundly, knowing your delta tests are surfacing pesky, real-world issues by focusing your target market where it counts.

With automated, high-impact, in-the-wild user tests that bring any critical issues to the forefront, you’ll see why top tech companies are switching to delta. See how Centercode's unique delta testing solutions will transform your user testing program and boost confidence in your next product launch.

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