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Software Testing Metrics

What are software testing metrics?

Software testing metrics are tools used to quantify and analyze various aspects of the software testing process. These metrics provide objective information about the quality of the software being tested, the effectiveness of the testing process, and the progress made towards meeting the testing goals.


Software Testing Metrics Table
Metric Definition Example
Code coverage Percentage of code that is executed during testing 80%
Defect density Number of defects per unit of code 5 defects per 100 lines of code
Test case pass/fail rate Number of test cases that pass or fail 90% pass rate
Test case execution time Time it takes for each test case to run 2 seconds per test case
Test case execution status Status of each test case (pass, fail, blocked) 90% pass / 5% fail / 5% blocked
Test case pass/fail trend Trend of test case pass/fail rate over time Pass rate increased from 80% to 90% over the course of a month

Why are software testing metrics important?

Software testing metrics are important because they provide objective and quantitative information about the testing process, allowing stakeholders to make informed decisions about the quality of the software being tested. Metrics can help identify areas of the testing process that need improvement and track the progress of the testing effort. Additionally, metrics can provide feedback to developers, helping them to improve the quality of the software being developed.

When are software testing metrics relevant?

Software testing metrics are relevant throughout the entire software development lifecycle, from the planning phase through to post-release support. They can be used to assess the quality of the software being developed, as well as to evaluate the effectiveness of the testing process and identify areas for improvement.

How do software testing metrics relate to Alpha, Beta, and Delta testing?

Software testing metrics can be used to track and evaluate the effectiveness of Alpha, Beta, and Delta testing efforts. For example, metrics such as defect density can be used to track the number of defects found during Alpha testing, while metrics such as test coverage can be used to assess the effectiveness of Beta testing. Similarly, metrics such as user satisfaction can be used to evaluate the success of Delta testing.

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