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Usability refers to the ease with which a product or system can be used by its intended users to achieve their goals effectively, efficiently, and satisfactorily.

A product or system that is highly usable is designed in a way that minimizes the effort required to learn how to use it, reduces the likelihood of errors, and maximizes the user's ability to accomplish their tasks. It is intuitive and straightforward, providing clear instructions and feedback to guide the user through their interactions with the system.

Usability testing is often conducted to evaluate the user-friendliness of a product or system, involving real users who interact with the product or system in a controlled environment. The goal is to identify any usability issues, such as confusing interface elements or workflows that are difficult to navigate, and to gather feedback from users on their experience using the system.

Usability is a critical factor in the success of a product or system, as it can significantly impact user satisfaction, adoption rates, and overall user experience. Products and systems that are easy to use and understand are more likely to be adopted and recommended by users, while those that are difficult or frustrating to use are more likely to be abandoned or criticized.

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