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Voice of the Customer (VoC)

What is voice of the customer (VoC)?

The voice of the customer is a program or practice used to collect insights from customers as they interact with a brand and/or product. This establishes a relationship between the company and customer by including customer influence in product development. The method is commonly used by customer experience, research, and marketing teams to hear what customers have to say about a product, service, or brand.

Voice of the customer survey example

Common voice of the customer surveys are essentially variations of Net-Promoter Score, CSAT, 5-Star Rating, and open text questions. Here is an example of a simple VoC survey:

  • Please rate your experience with Veridian Dynamics.
  • Tell us about your experience

Why is the voice of the customer important?

The benefits of a better product, brand experience, and customer service team are all well-known. Voice of the customer practices support those initiatives by amplifying what customers are saying about your product or brand. Here are a few benefits for creating a voice of the customer program.

  • It's faster than traditional support channels for gathering feedback
  • It creates a channel for teams to view customer feedback
  • It has benchmarks that help teams understand the impact of improving the product or brand experience

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