Centercode Managed Testing Services Case Studies


Denon Uses Centercode Managed Betas to Test the HEOS Wireless Audio System

We've been getting fantastic reviews on the product's setup process. We wouldn't be getting those positive reviews without the beta test we did with Centercode.

- Brandon Stead, VP of Product Development

One Cloud

One Cloud Partners with Centercode to Test Their First Software Product

We were able to make improvements during the beta test and get feedback from users in real-time, which was great. Centercode was the one-stop-shop for everything we needed in our beta test.

- Gavin Wade, Founder

Future Stars Gaming

Future Stars Game Uses Centercode to Achieve Customer Validation

There were a couple rock star testers playing the game for hours a day and telling us honestly what had potential and what needed to be fixed.

- Jay O'Sullivan, CEO

Centercode Platform Case Studies

Wyze Case Study

Wyze Leverages Centercode to Increase Feedback Management Efficiency by 80%

Having a tool that is built on best practices allows you to spend less time on the nuts and bolts of ‘What do I do?’ and more time focusing on what you are going to get out of it.

- Mike Sobaski, Director of Product

Arris Case Study

Arris Leverages Centercode to Save $1M in Potential Lost Revenue Due to Critical Bugs

Using Centercode, we were able to identify and fix a critical bug that we were unable to discover in the lab. If not caught, it would have made our product dead on arrival, costing significant revenue.

- Divyank Goswami, Assoc. Product Line Manager

Caavo Case Study

Caavo Leverages Centercode to Achieve 250% Beta Test ROI in Just 3 Months

Centercode provides a holistic understanding of user satisfaction. It gives us visibility into trends and helps us stay on top of feedback that has the highest impact on user satisfaction.

- Jerry Molliter, Beta Program Manager

Tableau Case Study

Tableau Leverages Centercode to Increase Beta Team Productivity By 100%

With Centercode, we have doubled the number of products and features that are validated through our Pre-Release Team.

- Chris Harris, Product Manager

Sonim Technologies

Sonim Technologies Leverages Centercode to Connect with Its Developer Community

Before, we didn't have access to end customers. Now we have access to thousands of niche users through our app developer community.

- Jay Maniar, VP of Corporate Development


Esri Creates a Consistent Experience for Testers and Developers Using Centercode

The Centercode Platform has various user-friendly features like journals, task lists, and forums that our community leverages for better collaboration.

- Sanjay Lala, Program Manager


Cisco Leverages Centercode to Handle Their Growing Beta Needs

The big advantage with Centercode is the feedback management. Being able to log the issues on a web portal and having the trackability that goes with that is extremely important to us.

- Nitasha Walia, Technical Marketing Engineer


Embarcadero Builds Unified, Integrated Beta Program with Centercode

Centercode has streamlined our beta process, giving our customers a consistent and professional interface and allowing our developers to focus on what they do best: building high quality software.

- Marty Thompson, RAD Studio QA Manager


F-Secure Uses Centercode to Build and Manage 12,000-Person Beta Community

Through Centercode, we received many active and capable beta testers with good technical skills who help us ensure the high quality of our products.

- Tapio Keihanen, Beta Product Manager