Leading Appian's Beta Program Forward

October 17, 2023

At Centercode we believe in technology's ability to make everyone's life better. In the Delta Huddle Podcast, we bring together industry experts and visionaries to share their insights about building products and bringing them to market.

Often on the Delta Huddle Podcast, we feature guests who have spent five, ten, and sometimes 30 years in the beta testing space. But this episode is a refreshing new perspective - that of a brand new beta manager leading a beta program forward.

Elizabeth Hall is Senior Beta Program Manager at Appian, a low-code B2B platform for automating business processes. Coming from the worlds of product management and user research, Elizabeth is new in her role compared to some of our previous guests, but she’s already spearheading an incredible transformation of Appian’s beta program.

In this episode, we explored why it’s important to set the tone for your beta tests, the difference between qualitative and quantitative data, and why mentorship was key for Elizabeth’s start in beta testing. We can’t wait to see how Elizabeth leads her beta program forward, and I hope you enjoy our conversation.

Show notes

  1. Introduction: Stefan Stenroos introduces Elizabeth Hall, focusing on her fresh perspective in beta testing.
  2. Elizabeth's Academic and Early Career Path: Overview of her background in psychology and educational research.
  3. Shift to Tech and Product Management: Transition from educational research to tech research, leading to a role in product management.
  4. Role in Beta Testing at Appian: Discussion of her journey to becoming a Senior Beta Program Manager at Appian.
  5. Developing Appian's Beta Program: Insights into her approach to building and managing the beta program at Appian.
  6. Career Reflections and Prospects: Conversation about Elizabeth's career evolution and her curiosity-driven approach to product management and beta testing.

About our guest

Elizabeth received her B.S. in Psychology from the College of William & Mary in 2013 and her M.S. in Educational Psychology from George Mason University in 2015. After working in educational research for a few years, she pivoted to the tech space and became an associate product manager at Gartner, where she helped roll out a proprietary survey platform to measure employee engagement. Next, she joined Miller Heiman Group (now Korn Ferry), where she helped digitize the business by bringing their world-class sales training into a Salesforce-integrated product. In June 2020, she became a senior product manager at Appian Corporation, and in April 2023, she became the lead of Appian's beta programs.

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