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Supporting Caregivers Through Collaborative Testing

November 7, 2023

One of the joys of the Delta Huddle Podcast is the fact that we talk with experts in a wide array of fields, from transportation and fitness to B2B platforms and entertainment. Today’s episode is a foray into another field, with its own set of challenges: Healthcare.

Factors like HIPAA compliance, potential test participants working 12-to-16 hour long shifts, and a wide-variety of use cases make Healthcare an incredibly unique environment for beta testing. Navigating that space can be difficult but also fantastically rewarding, especially in the light of making the care experience better for caregivers and patients alike. And joining us to discuss beta in the world of healthcare is a program manager at one of healthcare’s leading device makers.

Show notes

  1. Mission and Motivation: Casey emphasizes the importance of understanding the 'why' behind their mission, focusing on enhancing the caregiver experience and patient care.
  2. Industry Insights: Stefan and Casey explore the unique aspects of healthcare, including HIPAA compliance, long shifts for users and practitioners, and the specifics of beta testing in this environment.
  3. Stryker's Role: As a major player in healthcare, Stryker develops hardware to improve hospital experiences. Casey shares insights into their beta testing processes and the significance of their products in clinical communication and workflow.
  4. Technical Challenges: The discussion covers the complexity of integrating different products and systems within hospital environments and the importance of clinical workflow in designing and testing these products.
  5. Beta Program Structure: Casey outlines the structure of Stryker’s beta program, highlighting the importance of building relationships with hospitals, setting success metrics, and adapting to diverse user needs and environments.

About our guest

Casey Hamar is Senior Program Manager Beta & User Testing at Stryker. Casey began her career at a talent lifecycle and change management consulting firm, which worked with 95% of the Fortune 500. While there, she had the opportunity to partner with many healthcare organizations and grew passionate about improving the experience of caregivers and patients. She then joined a healthcare system, outside of Seattle, as Director of Engagement and PX, where she led strategy development and execution based on understanding consumers' viewpoints. Starting in 2016, Casey served as a Sr. Client Service manager in the PX division of Vocera where she continued to focus on research and experience. In 2021, she transitioned to the newly created role of Sr. Program Manager of Beta and User Testing at Stryker concentrating on an excellent end-user experience and continually improving systems that help drive a GA version of a product that results in rapid market adoption.

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