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Dispatches from Centercode’s Remote Offices: Colleen, Michael, Doug, Tom, and Seph

April 21, 2020

We’re one month into our shelter orders — it’s a bittersweet anniversary. Luckily, the passion, adaptability, and collaborative spirit that are hallmarks of Centercode’s company culture make it easy for us to find ways to stay productive and occupy our free time.

How have we been spending our time? Last week’s Hometasking challenge asked Centercoders to step onto the silver screen by recreating iconic movie scenes.

Dispatches from Centercode's Remote Offices

Matt and Myles reenact the opening of the Lion King

Coworkers have also shared ways they’re making a positive impact beyond their homes, from sewing up masks and delivering groceries, to taking extra time to reach out to people struggling with isolation.

Dispatches from Centercode's Remote Offices

Erin has been making masks in bulk for eldercare facilities and coworkers

In the uncertainty of dark times, it’s inspiring to see how people create their own light. We’ll keep you posted on all the ways we Centercoders are carrying ourselves, our company, and our community forward. In the meantime, here are this week’s featured Centercoders: their home offices, how they’ve taken to working remotely this past month, and what they’re grateful for.

Colleen, Ops

Dispatches from Centercode's Remote Offices

“Of everyone I know, I am probably in the best situation for working from home. I have a good internet connection, a clean, safe, and quiet place to work, the support of my company and family, and the best coworker ever (my doggo, Hoagie).

“However, privilege begets responsibility in my humble opinion, so I am actively trying to use my circumstances to be extra supportive to my colleagues — even if it’s just doing a small task for someone, like sending an email or doing some data entry. I am really starting to miss people though!”

Mike, Dev

Dispatches from Centercode's Remote Offices

“Things are definitely a bit weird, but it’s a lot less weird than I expected. I’m managing well enough. Our team does a standup every morning, so I get to see them every day (the people who have their cameras on, at least).

“I get the feeling everyone is eager for more human connection than they get at home, even if it’s work-related. But I also got this feeling at work — there’s a general friendliness in the whole company. It’s really great to see that continue despite the circumstances.

“I still miss being able to walk to the store near the office to grab what I need. I miss the work coffee machine, bumping into people in the kitchen, talking about work, life, and everything in between. In the meantime, I’m enjoying the view outside — especially with the recent rain we’ve been having — and I like working in my pajamas.”

Doug, Services

Dispatches from Centercode's Remote Offices

“Transitioning from the quiet of the Utah office to working at home hasn’t been hard for me. I have a great office set up here (as you can see). Mostly, I feel very fortunate that our jobs allow us to work remotely.”

Tom, Product

Dispatches from Centercode's Remote Offices

“I have found myself to be pretty productive, even with two energetic two-year-olds. Thankfully, the company and our clients all understand that we’re going through this together. Not everything will be perfect — and that’s ok. I really miss hockey and sushi though.”

Seph, Design

Dispatches from Centercode's Remote Offices

“I’ve always done well by myself for long periods of time, but lately, I’ve found the quiet hard to handle. I’ve really gained a deeper understanding of humans as social creatures! 😂 I miss the white noise and sounds of the physical office, but I find ways to work around it.”

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