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How to Conquer the "Beta Test Fact Check"

Are you struggling to overcome internal objections and doubts over your beta program? Do the higher-ups and stakeholders in your company feel unsure about an ongoing test? Sounds like you're up against the validity check. Luckily, there's a way to conquer these "beta test fact checks" and secure more buy-in.

Richard Ball, Lead Beta SW Engineering Program Manager at Humane, joined the Delta Huddle Podcast earlier this year to break down the strategies and methods used by his team to crush uncertainty and pass the validity check to ensure a smooth beta testing program.

"In doing what we do, it's the customer sentiment and customer experience that is massive. So in addition to providing the data that we got... we also broke it down into, "Here are some comments from people."" said Ball, reflecting on his time at Peloton. He also emphasized the importance of building a comprehensive set of data that fully supports your beta program's recommendations.

"As long as you can rely upon your data, knowing that you have the right end-value for who you're testing with, plus some customer feeling and experience, I think that goes a long way towards proving your point."

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