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What You Need to Know About Hardware Tests

In an effort to explain all of the in’s and out’s of the beta testing world, we previously released our free eBook: What You Need to Know About Beta Management. Now, to further that effort, we are building a complete What You Need to Know series to address all of the challenges that specific kinds of beta tests may present.

Each chapter will focus on one specific type of beta test, addressing what makes each of them unique, as well as pointing out the specific challenges associated with them. We’ll also offer tips and advice on the best methods to overcoming these hardships and run a smooth and successful test for your product. Regardless of what your product is, we’ll be releasing a chapter to identify precisely what you need to know and what type of beta test would suit your product best.

This week we’re releasing our first chapter in this new series: What You Need to Know About Hardware Beta Tests. In this chapter, we’ll explain how beta testing hardware products can be a difficult task if all of the critical variables aren’t considered beforehand. Using this chapter as your roadmap, you can build a complete understanding of what you need to anticipate, starting with planning your test, getting your hardware product into the hands of the testers, managing their feedback and faulty units, and finally getting your product back from them (or giving it to them as a reward, if you choose to do so).

This chapter also includes a handy Hardware Beta Success Checklist. This checklist outlines all of the major steps that you should take before, during, and after your hardware beta test. In the coming months, we hope to release more chapters of this series, giving you advice on everything from mobile to agile to stress testing. We hope these will be a helpful way to build a beta test that fits your specific product and its needs.

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