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A New Way to Inspire and Celebrate Testing

Posted on
October 27, 2023

Recently, I had the chance to chat with Brad Day, Product Director at Centercode, about our exciting new Test Infographic feature. We dug into the inspiration behind it, the feedback from our beta testing, and what we hope it will bring to our users. Brad shared some insightful details, and I’m excited to share our conversation. Let's get into it!

Austin: Brad, thanks for taking the time to chat with me today. Let's dive right in. Can you briefly describe the main new feature in this release and what inspired its development?

Brad: Certainly, Austin. The Test Infographic is a unique tool we've introduced to provide a visually appealing overview of test results. It's designed to celebrate the success of both our internal teams and external testers. The inspiration came from one of our customers who created their own infographic with the help of their marketing team using their test data. Seeing the value it brought, we decided to build that functionality into our platform, but with enhanced capabilities like automated generation in line with company branding.

Austin: That sounds promising. Given it’s our wheelhouse, I can’t not ask… can you give us an overview of the beta test for this feature? How many testers were involved, how long did it last, and what were the primary objectives or areas covered?

Brad: Haha I’d be disappointed if you didn’t ask. We tested for roughly 4 weeks with a group of about 20 testers spread across our GoEarly customers and internal test managers. The primary objective was to ensure that the feature resonated with our users and met the standards we set for it. We had weekly meetings to discuss the feedback and ensure that the final product was in line with our vision.

The feedback and insights we gathered during beta were invaluable in refining the feature before its official launch.

Austin: Speaking of feedback, what kind of feedback did we receive during the beta testing phase? Were there any surprises or unexpected insights that came from our customers and employees?

Brad: We received a mix of feedback. Some users loved the custom branding, which made the infographics mesh seamlessly with their company's aesthetics. Others pointed out the flexibility in timeframes and how it emphasized positive outcomes. A surprise for us was a particular suggestion that didn’t make it into this release but struck a chord with our vision. We’ve added it to our roadmap because it felt like a direction we definitely want to explore. But, of course, with every beta, there are challenges. For instance, the hover effects on the infographic seemed to confuse a few users, and we quickly took that feedback to heart and addressed it.

Austin: Can you delve a bit deeper into the challenges faced during the beta testing process and how the team tackled them?

Brad: One of the main challenges was ensuring that the infographic was both informative and inspirational. We wanted it to be more than just data; in my discussions with Luke [Freiler, Centercode’s CEO], he emphasized that it's about inspiration. We had to strike a balance between providing valuable insights and celebrating the hard work behind each project. Addressing design issues, like the hover effects, was also crucial to ensure clarity and avoid confusion.

Austin: The Test Infographic offers two distinct versions tailored for specific audiences. Can you shed some light on this?

Brad: Absolutely. We realized that different audiences have different needs. The internal version of the infographic is designed to spread awareness of the testing program within an organization. It highlights the value and outcomes of the test. The external version, on the other hand, recognizes and celebrates the contributions of our testers. It showcases their impact without revealing sensitive information, ensuring that the right message reaches the right audience.

Austin: Lastly, given the insights from the beta testing exercise for the test infographic, how do you see this feature evolving in the future? Are there any lessons learned that we'll carry forward in our next beta testing endeavors?

Brad: The beta highlighted the importance of balancing a prescriptive approach with user customization. We also continue to contend with the ongoing challenge of avoiding overcomplication - there’s just so much we want to deliver for our users! [laughs] In the future, we’re focusing on ensuring features are intuitive without compromising on functionality.

Austin: Well, Brad, I appreciate you sharing these insights. It certainly sounds like the development for the infographic feature has been quite the journey. I’m looking forward to seeing how our users take advantage of the final result.

Brad: Thanks, Austin. I'm always happy to chat about our product journey, and I'm excited about the value this feature will bring to the userbase.

My conversation with Brad highlights a fundamental truth: beta testing is invaluable. This phase of the Test Infographic's development wasn't just a step; it was a transformative process. Feedback from this phase not only refined the feature for its imminent release but also illuminated paths for future enhancements, carving out a dynamic roadmap.

Our newly launched Test Infographic stands as a beacon to the power and importance of beta testing, a reminder that products are shaped best when they're forged in collaboration with their users.

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