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Case Study

Centercode Helps One Cloud’s New Software Soar

September 9, 2014

For our latest case study, we take a look at Centercode’s work with One Cloud. One Cloud is a software platform that allows professional photographers to provide their clients with a simple, seamlessly-branded experience when digitally delivering or sharing their work.

Professional photographers Gavin and Erin Wade had been struggling with finding an efficient way to share their photos with clients that was user-friendly and displayed their own branding. Finally, they decided to come up with a solution of their own. That solution was One Cloud.

After a rigorous period of development, it came time to put their software through the real-world wringer. “I needed to know if people were going to use our product and how they were going to use it so we could leverage that information as we launched,” says founder of One Cloud, Gavin Wade.

One Cloud partnered with Centercode’s Managed Betas team to run their test and get feedback from professional photographers. After 4 weeks of testing with 89 participants, they received a variety of valuable feedback that enabled them to iron out bugs and fine-tune their software prior to its release. This feedback gave them the data and insight to launch their software platform with confidence, knowing the market was behind them.

To read more about how our team helped One Cloud improve their software, download the complete One Cloud case study. To see how we’ve helped other companies develop their beta program, check out our complete case study library.

Download the One Cloud case study!

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