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Case Study

Centercode Helps Sonim Technologies Connect with Their Community

June 27, 2016

In our latest case study, we take a look at how the Centercode platform helped ultra-rugged smartphone manufacturer Sonim Technologies better support their developer community and connect with their customers. Sonim Technologies knew their developer community was key in ensuring their niche customers had the apps they required, but the methods they had been using to distribute software and tools to them was cumbersome.

What they needed was a platform that was secure, flexible and scalable, so they enlisted Centercode’s help. Using the Centercode platform, Sonim Technologies gained deeper insights into their customer needs and how their smartphones were being used out in the field by their niche users. This has helped further strengthen Sonim Technologies’ relationships with their developer community and customers, which has, in turn, helped increase their competitive edge in a very tough market.


To find out more on how Sonim Technologies was able to leverage the Centercode platform, download the complete case study. You can also view our case study library for more examples of how Centercode has helped other companies.

Download the Sonim Technologies case study now!

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