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Centercode Hosts Delta ’20 Conference

February 4, 2020

Laguna Hills, CA. Centercode, the leader in Customer Validation Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions, today announced its upcoming free three-day virtual Delta ’20 conference April 7-9, 2020. This event is dedicated to the discussion, peer sharing, and best practices of industry-vetted strategies for continuous product testing and ongoing customer engagement. This is the industry’s only event focused on Customer Validation.

Often, organizations do not have dedicated resources or tools to help validate products and tend to rely on a manual means to perform product tests. Customer Validation enables companies to evaluate the stability, satisfaction, and adoption of a product before launch and throughout its maturation. By leveraging a framework for effective alpha, beta, and delta testing, they’re able to apply actionable feedback and insights directly from product users in real-world environments.

Centercode Hosts Delta ’20 Conference

The theme of this year’s event is all about ongoing engagement with your target market after your initial product launch. The delta testing methodology, which Centercode pioneered, uses customers to test and provide ongoing product feedback as new features are built and released. The feedback collected from delta testing validates acceptance between releases or builds, which is indispensable in the era of agile development and continuous iteration.

“The ability to take a deep dive into pre-release customer testing strategies and engagement for immediate product feedback is invaluable,” said Luke Freiler, CEO of Centercode. “Time and time again, we’ve seen how that feedback drives actions for new product releases. It promotes a customer-obsessed culture, improves product development, and introduces game-changing practices into organizations. We are so excited to explore the ways leading tech companies have adopted these strategies and to see its impact on the industry at large.”

With sponsors including TestFairy, TechSmith, and Trimble, the conference offers attendees the following:

  • 30+ on-demand, online sessions spread across three days
  • Featured presentations from a wide variety of speakers, such as Dean Nahum, Beta Community Manager at WAZE; Alex Larsen, Manager of Technical Operations at Trimble; Chris Mitchell, Customer Engagement Lead at Autodesk; Richard Ball, Senior Customer Validation Manager at Anova; Eric Pearson, User Experience Team Lead at TechSmith; and Joy Trillet, Beta and Usability Testing Associate at GE
  • Deep dive into pre-release customer testing strategies that secure immediate product feedback and drive actionable recommendations
  • Access to industry tools that are influencing the future of customer testing

“Our longstanding partnership with Centercode has enabled us to implement best practices in the Trimble community,” said Alex Larsen, manager of Technical Operations Beta at Trimble. “I lead a team of Customer Validation professionals who execute dozens of tests a year in the commercial trucking and transportation industry. The feedback from those tests has been instrumental in keeping Trimble at the top of its game when it comes to its valued products and services.”

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