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Announcing the 2020 Virtual Customer Validation Conference

October 29, 2019

It’s back — and this time, it’s exclusively online! We’re excited to announce the Virtual Customer Validation Conference, happening on April 7 – 9, 2020. This free, online event will focus on best practices and industry-vetted strategies for continuous product testing and ongoing customer engagement. Presentations will run daily from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. PT.

With so many companies adopting agile methodologies to keep up with faster release cycles, there’s a lot of dialogue around the role customers play in securing quality releases and driving product roadmaps. Now, learn game-changing product testing skills that will turn that conversation into tangible strategies for bringing your customers to the forefront of product development. You’ll have opportunities to trade tips with other Customer Validation (CV) industry professionals, discuss the latest tools of the trade in our virtual marketplace, elevate your career skills with online training sessions, and much more.

Announcing the 2020 Virtual Customer Validation Conference

Announcing the 2020 Virtual Customer Validation Conference

What does a virtual conference mean for you?

Since this year’s conference takes place exclusively online, you’ll be able to enjoy the 30+ speaker-led sessions anywhere — in the office, at home, at a coffee shop, or wherever you’re most comfortable. With the accessibility of a virtual platform, you can flip easily between the sessions you care about without rushing from room to room. In addition, all of the presentations will be recorded so you don’t have to worry about picking just one session to attend. You can go back and watch presentations you missed, save your favorites to watch later, and easily share them with your coworkers.

Your free ticket includes:

  • Live and on-demand access to all conference presentations
  • Access to the virtual exhibit hall to experience ground-breaking tools and solutions
  • Unlimited networking opportunities in our virtual lounge
  • Downloadable content (kits, ebooks, best practices, etc.)
  • Plus much more!
Announcing the 2020 Virtual Customer Validation Conference

How does a virtual venue change the attendee experience?

The virtual venue brings the best that the Customer Validation industry has to offer right to your fingertips. Without travel and ticket costs, industry professionals from around the world will have the chance to participate, connecting you with more like-minded individuals than ever before. We’re working hard to bring all the aspects of a traditional in-person conference to your desk. The only drawback? No hosted breakfast (hey, you can’t win ’em all).

Announcing the 2020 Virtual Customer Validation Conference

Who is the Virtual Customer Validation Conference for?

Between real-world experiences, presentations, and networking, the Virtual Customer Validation Conference offers something for everyone with a hand in product development. Expect to interact with professionals from dozens of leading tech companies, including Cisco, Google, Bose, T-Mobile, Autodesk, Broadcom, TiVo — the list keeps growing. With access to hundreds of professionals like you, you’ll have a rare opportunity to brainstorm solutions with people who share your unique experiences as members of the CV industry.

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