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Cheers to the Newly Certified Customer Validation Professionals!

April 3, 2018

Back in February, customer testing professionals from all over the world gathered at Centercode HQ to participate in the first-ever Customer Validation Certification Course, with the goal of enhancing their skills and extending the footprint of their customer testing programs throughout their organizations. Now, many of these individuals have passed the necessary exams to become newly certified Customer Validation Professionals! These industry trailblazers have demonstrated that they have the technical prowess to handle the challenges that come with managing a robust Customer Validation program.

Cheers to the Newly Certified Customer Validation Professionals

For CV Pros, by CV Pros

Many have spent years of trial and error laying groundwork for customer testing and forging a career path in the Customer Validation industry. This certification, which synthesizes the unique skills needed to run effective Alpha, Beta, and Field Tests, was designed by industry veterans John Little and Chris Rader in response to the struggles and observations of their peer-professionals. The certification brings together insights and experiences from countless customer testing pros – including many of the course participants – who have put years of tireless effort into Alpha, Beta, and Field Testing. It provides certification graduates with a proven framework for identifying and implementing best-practice Customer Validation strategies and techniques that feed product success.

What They Bring to Their Organizations

These certified Customer Validation Professionals are an incredible asset to their organizations, with tested methodologies and skills proven to boost product success. Coming from companies across many different industries, such as Bose, Intuit, ESRI, and NetGear, they have the expertise and real-world training to maintain vibrant tester communities, design CV tests with cohesive objectives, collect useful customer feedback, and consistently deliver meaningful insights and useful product recommendations. They have a nuanced understanding of customer testing that enables them to cultivate healthy and efficient customer testing practices and extend the value of their CV programs to other teams and departments across their organizations.

What They Bring to the Industry

Simply put, certified Customer Validation Professionals are industry leaders. In addition to the value they bring to their organizations, they are equipped with the practical methods that newcomers to the industry desperately need as they set out to establish the foundations of successful Customer Validation testing within their companies. Certified CV Professionals are at the forefront of a cultural shift, and there’s never been a better time to be an industry leader. The vast majority of today’s organizations understand the value of customer-driven decision-making, realizing they can’t move forward without the solutions provided by knowledgeable, experienced professionals in the Customer Validation industry.

With a new generation of CV professionals entering the field, and organizations from every industry working to get their Customer Validation programs off the ground, the industry will be looking to these certified individuals for knowledge and guidance, and as an example of success on their field. Their commitment to excellence has helped bring the industry to this point, but the best of what we’ll see from them is yet to come.

Congratulations to the first graduating class of certified Customer Validation Professionals! We can’t wait to watch what you do next.

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