Case Study

Centercode Puts Denon’s HEOS Home Audio System to the Test

November 19, 2014

As the team at Denon got closer to launching the HEOS wireless home audio system, they knew they were going to need a thorough beta testing process. They wanted to get their product out of the lab and into the hands of users in real-world environments, knowing just how crucial ease of use is for connected technology like theirs. Since they didn’t have an existing beta testing phase built into their development process, they started looking for a partner to help them reach their goal.


Denon enlisted the help of the Centercode Managed Betas Team to test a handful of integrated products from their new HEOS line. Using a dedicated group of international Betabound testers, Denon was able to gather vital feedback about the different products in the HEOS ecosystem and how they all worked together. This helped them improve their product and ensure a successful launch into this new space.

Download this case study for more details about Denon’s experience with our Managed Betas Team. You can also view our case study library for more examples of how Centercode has helped many other companies launch successful products.

Download the Denon case study now!

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