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Centercode Stories: How Did You Change for the Better in 2020?

December 30, 2020

This is the time of year where many of us are looking back on the last twelve months and reflecting on what we’d like to do better. But it’s also a time when we can be grateful for the things that are already good — especially in a year marked by so much loss, change, and uncertainty.

When times get tough, it tends to shine a spotlight on two big areas of your life: your support system (i.e., the people around you) and your ability to roll with the punches and get things done. At Centercode, we pride ourselves on both these fronts — adaptability and collaboration are part of our core values — but like many of us, this year really pushed our team beyond what we thought we could handle.

In spite of the circumstances that made it difficult, we still stayed connected. We still participated in team-building activities and social events (We couldn’t have done it without you, Zoom), and we still found ways to have a lot of fun.

Centercode Stories: How Did You Change for the Better in 2020?

A joyous snapshot from our virtual holiday scavenger hunt.

With the year rapidly coming to a close, we asked our team to tell us: what are some of the positive things they’ve learned about themselves this year that they would like to carry into 2021? And how has their team helped them get to where they are now?

Here are some of the reflections they shared.

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“In some ways, I feel closer to my team now than I did at the beginning of the year. The camaraderie we’ve built through seeing each other in a slice of our home environments on Zoom has helped brighten an otherwise dark year. It truly feels like we’re on the same team working towards the same goals — even if we don’t get to interact face to face.”

“My wife is a nurse, so the pandemic hits us very close to home. This year has shown me that I’m able to be resilient in the face of enormous stress.”

“When it comes to being a dad and working from home, I learned that I can multitask better than I ever expected.”

“I learned that I can still learn a lot about myself and my routines. This year was the ultimate test for work-life balance; you never really leave “work” when you’re remote and sheltering in place. Starting my day by going through a routine as if I were going to work, scheduling out my day with breaks that had been organic in the workplace, and giving myself a separate part of the house where work happens made me feel a bit more at peace with the adjustment.”

“I learned that baking can be fun and I actually enjoy it.”

“Everyone seems to get that we are all going through the same changes and challenges, and they understand what needs to happen without any kind of conflict. I work with really smart people and I’m thankful.”

“I’ve always had a lot of self-doubt when it comes to my career. Seeing how I’ve handled all the change this year made me recognize that I’m good at my job.”

“As someone who joined Centercode this year, I appreciate how thorough my coworkers are whenever I need assistance. Whether I’m working with someone on a contract, discussing a project, or just trying to get an answer to a question, everyone I work with is very detailed and responsive whenever I ask for help.”

“I learned that I could really leave my comfort zone and push myself to do things I never imagined.”

“I have been leaning on others more for assistance, when I would tend to try to do everything myself. Despite all the challenges that this year has thrown my way, I’ve been able to reach peak efficiency levels while working from home.”

“I really love that we’ve been able to keep up with my coworkers through great efforts taken by our ops team. We’ve had scheduled happy hours, trivia sessions, and a great online Christmas party. It’s much harder now to socialize outside of our immediate teams, so I love the chance to see people from all over the company.”

“I have always considered myself pretty flexible and open-minded. However, moving home permanently, changes in leadership, different projects and clients…I surprised myself with how I just flowed with everything, good and bad. Introspection isn’t my strong suit, but I’ve come to realize that I’ve gotten very good at just making things work.”

“I have gotten through this year with the help of a lot of people, and I learned that these are the people who I want to keep in my life for the long haul.”

“I am mentally stronger and more resourceful than I ever thought I was.”

“I took some time this year to assess and take better care of my mental well-being. It can be really hard to start and see it through, but this year taught me how important it is and how great a positive impact that it has had on me.”

“Better time management, for sure!”

“I learned that it’s not just okay to do things and take time for myself — it’s critical. Before Covid, I’d regularly go on walks around the office with coworkers or even alone to clear my head. When Covid hit, I stopped all of that for a few months, and it really started to take a toll.”

“I never realized how much my family meant to me until I wasn’t able to see most of them. Between giving them hard-to-get Covid supplies (masks, sanitizer, Clorox wipes) and checking in with them daily, I feel good about my ability to provide care. Love is tight!”

“I am so appreciative of how willing the Centercode team is to help. No matter what they have on their plates, I can count on my coworkers to answer my questions and provide the insight I need to do my job to the best of my ability.”

Are You with Us?

What about you? Has rolling with the punches that 2020 has dealt made you more adaptable? Better at multitasking? What are the ways your coworkers, team, or even someone at Centercode has helped you get through this year? Follow @Centercode on Twitter and tag us in your reply. And of course, thanks for sticking with us through this year! We look forward to seeing you in 2021.

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