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Centercode’s Passion for Supporting the CV Industry and Our Team

July 21, 2020

It’s our mission here at Centercode to make technology easier to use and more accessible for everyday people. We’re passionate about it — that’s why ‘passionate’ is one of the six core values we live by.

Centercode's Passion for Supporting the CV Industry and Our Team

In this new series about our core values, we’ll take a look at how each of those values informs the way individual Centercoders and the company overall show our commitment to our mission, our industry, our customers, and our team. Read on to see the ways that the Centercode team showcases its passion for building better products.

The CV Industry

We’re passionate about bringing testing professionals together. Nowhere is this more obvious than events like the Delta Conference. This gathering of Customer Validation professionals is the largest event of its kind, giving people in a historically fragmented field a chance to connect over common challenges and triumphs across a wide range of industries and verticals.

This year, the conference hosted more than 20 virtual sessions for over 400 members of the Customer Validation industry. With speakers from companies like Bose, Autodesk, TechSmith, and Trimble, attendees learned from experts, networked, and shared ideas with other folks in the field.

We’re passionate about training this generation of professionals — and the next. When Centercode CEO Luke Freiler was asked to run a beta test when he worked at Ericsson, he had no one to teach him and no resources to turn to. It’s one of the reasons he started Centercode — not just to build a tool that makes managing the many parts of beta testing easier, but to develop and share the knowledge and resources he didn’t have when he first started.

For nearly two decades, we’ve been creating free resources about customer testing — our library of strategies, tips, and tricks is growing all the time. We’re also spearheading the Customer Validation Certification, which focuses on best practices and practical, hands-on training that strengthens the testing, project, and program management skills necessary to run thriving customer testing programs.

Our Customers

We’re passionate about helping beta teams shift left. We’ve seen firsthand how pushing your beta testing efforts earlier into the product development process is as difficult as swimming upstream. Before Centercode, Tableau was struggling to scale their beta testing efforts with the growing demands on their team. Resource constraints made it difficult to recruit testers, track participation, and consolidate different data resources. Once they adopted Centercode, however, all that changed.

“Our turnaround times noticeably improved, which was crucial in freeing up our bandwidth,” says Chris Harris, Product Manager. “Our team even changed its name from the Beta Team to the Pre-release Team, reflecting the expanded scope of what we are now able to offer the organization.”

Centercode's Passion for Supporting the CV Industry and Our Team

We’re passionate about customer success at an individual level. A team is more than the sum of its parts. While Centercode gives beta testing teams a full-service beta testing platform, it equips the individuals on that team with best practices and training that drive project and program efficiencies. This is part of our commitment to increasing opportunities for Customer Validation professionals and amplifying their voice within their companies.

We’re passionate about ongoing customer success. At the risk of embarrassing them, our Customer Success team is amazing. Their passion and commitment hasn’t gone unnoticed; they’ve once again earned Centercode the “Best Support” badge on G2 Crowd. Here is some of the encouraging feedback they’ve received in reviews.

Centercode's Passion for Supporting the CV Industry and Our Team

“Being that Centercode is a company built on customer feedback, it’s no surprise that their SaaS Support Team is among the most responsive and helpful group of professionals I’ve had the pleasure to work with.”

“I love the super helpful and creative support team!”

“They provide fantastic real-time support, on-demand consultations to improve my team’s operations and processes, and a dedicated customer success manager that routinely reviews our use of the tool and finds opportunities to improve.”

See our 9.5 Quality of Support rating and read more reviews about the platform on G2.

Our Team

We’re passionate about supporting each other. Centercode is a high-performance engine that runs on teamwork. Centercoders care about helping each other succeed, and their passion for consistently going the extra mile for each other is a secret ingredient that helps us deliver value and make a positive impact. Here are just a few everyday examples of Centercoders displaying their passion for supporting one other Centercoders from this year alone.

“Ria always goes above and beyond to make sure everything she does for Centercode goes as well as it possibly can go.”

“I’m very lucky to work at a company where I’m surrounded by so many competent and charming people, but I’m especially grateful that the people I work with most closely somehow bring their passion into their work every day.”

“John is a great mentor and an extremely supportive leader. He’s (almost 🙂 ) always available to have a conversation when needed whether to hash out an issue or catch up on a project, and it’s clear that he is very passionate about the team’s and company’s success.”

“I knew I could trust Rob to handle this important project and client for me while I was out. Not only did he monitor the project, but he managed all feedback, handled a client project tour/meeting, responded to client emails quickly and directly, and brought me up to speed first thing the morning I got back.”

“Diego hopped on a call with a moment’s notice at 9 PM to help walk me through an advanced area of the platform, which was critical to the success of my demo.”

Put Our Passion to the Test

We’re passionate about the success of your next product launch. Beta testing is critical for surfacing bugs and ironing out usability issues before launch — but it can also be time-consuming and ineffective without the right tools and processes in place. We’ve shown our passion for the industry, our customers, and our teammates. Let us show you how we’ll channel that same energy into boosting your recruitment efforts, product feedback, and customer insights. Schedule a one-on-one meeting with a Customer Validation consultant.

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