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Dispatches from Centercode’s Remote Offices: John, Hilary, Matt, and Diego

March 24, 2020

Feeling the distance? We feel it, too. In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, we Centercoders have packed up our desks and taken shelter at home as we, like the rest of the world, ride out these bizarre times.

While we are and have always been fully equipped to take our show “on the road,” the transition from a lively and bustling open office to our homes has taken some getting used to. But the Centercode Team is nothing if not adaptable. As we adjust to these new circumstances, we’re trying out new ways to keep our culture as a company thriving. Friday’s Virtual Happy Hour, for example!

Dispatches from Centercode's #Remote Offices

As part of this push to stay connected, the Centercode Team wanted to share their thoughts on how they’re adjusting to #remote living and working.

John, Product

Dispatches from Centercode's #Remote Offices

“I’ve really been surprised at how respectful my family is during my time in the office. With a 6-year-old and 7-year-old, I thought I’d have to deal with way more interruptions. But they quickly and quietly leave if I tell them I’m on a call. They’re better coworkers than I expected!

“I didn’t realize how much enjoyment I get from impromptu collaboration. I do miss being able to offer help when I see someone working on a problem instead of waiting to be asked.”

Hilary, Ops

Dispatches from Centercode's #Remote Offices

“Remote work has been surprisingly productive. I miss the ability to knock a quick question out in person, but Slack and Zoom meetings have been a major asset to keeping productivity and connectivity up. In all honesty, I’m not mad at this commute! 😉 It’s awarded me an extra 45 minutes more every day to spend with my husband and pups.”

Matt, Marketing

Dispatches from Centercode's #Remote Offices

“I love when my kids are my ‘work buddies,’ keeping me company in my office while I work. They can only come in if they are drawing, reading, or doing other school-related activities. It’s crazy to hear how much their vocabulary has expanded from listening to me on calls.”

Diego, Services

Dispatches from Centercode's #Remote Offices

“I really enjoy the ability to cook every meal (I’m getting ready to whip up a quick garlic shrimp, broccolini, and rice for lunch). It hasn’t been troublesome to work from home because the positivity and responsiveness from everyone at Centercode make the day feel pretty normal. I’m also very thankful for today’s technology so I can still have those ‘face-to-face’ conversations when I need them.”

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