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Finally, an Automated User Testing Solution for Product Professionals- Part 1

April 25, 2022

Have you ever wanted to be able to automate your user tests and just jump to the good part where you get awesome feedback that’s easy to apply to product development? Us too.

So, we created a platform that does just that.

Whether you’re in product ops, CX, UX, QA, design or development, testing the hands-on user experience from unboxing to installation to experience and product adoption is critical to a successful product. But who has the time?

Last year, we asked the product community this very question. It turns out that more than 70% of you are responsible for collecting product feedback from customers in addition to completing the expected duties and responsibilities of your role. No surprise, this makes it extremely difficult to achieve repeatable success.

Now, we’re making it a whole lot easier to do user testing so you can have repeatable product success.

If you’re already using the Centercode user testing platform, you’re going to be really excited by how much easier this is going to make your life. And if you’re not already using Centercode, be prepared to fall in love with a whole new way to test.

Automate my Life

The Centercode Delta release is our fun and familiar user testing platform that reimagines the traditional model of user testing to improve results and improve your life. Delta is the next generation of beta testing, which has become increasingly incompatible with the way products are built in today's agile world. That incompatibility has created a ton of friction and made successful products and releases incredibly difficult. Delta solves that.

We’ve created an experience that automates the user testing process. This automation encourages better user engagement without the constant manual intervention, and prioritizes valuable feedback so you know exactly what testers want in a commercial product. All you do is create your test plan, invite your testers, and our new management bot Ted takes it from there.

Features of Delta that we think you’re going to be excited about include:

  • Turn-key Project Creation. The Centercode Delta release comes packed with tools that make planning and managing a delta test intuitive and effective. You can either plan tests with a widget-like set-up system within the platform or import them straight from Excel or Sheets, and easily make adjustments at any time.
  • Ted - Engagement Automation Bot. Meet your tester engagement director, Ted. He's an intelligent virtual agent who manages tester engagement automatically. Ted continuously learns from tester behaviors and uses his knowledge to adapt his communication strategy. By reaching out at the right moment in the most effective channel, he ensures each product area is covered by impactful, high-quality feedback.
  • Comprehensive Dashboards. Get up-to-the-minute status updates in the form of beautiful, data-rich dashboards that summarize your projects, phases, features, and much more. They're automated, highly interactive, can be filtered in real-time, and allow for both direct presentation and easy sharing. This helps you surface the most impactful feedback for you to focus your resources on, ensuring a successful release every time.
  • Centercode Mobile App. A native Centercode app reduces friction for testers, allowing them to provide and collaborate on feedback directly from their iOS or Android devices. This means it's easier for you to surface more issues, spark more ideas, and submit more praise.
  • User-Friendly Interface. Whether planning your test, checking user engagement or monitoring key performance metrics, the completely refreshed Centercode user interface helps you quickly and easily navigate the platform from your computer or mobile device.

Want more? Read part 2 of the blog where we dig into other benefits of Delta testing.

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