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Finally, an Automated User Testing Solution for Product Professionals - Part 2

April 25, 2022

If you read Part 1, you already know that the Centercode Delta release is a totally new way to plan and run user tests using automation, intuitive dashboards, and rich user feedback. So let’s dive into some of these features a little deeper.

Benefit 1: Automated Tester Engagement

Our 2021 Delta Testing Industry Report found that more than half of test managers report challenges when it comes to maintaining high levels of tester engagement. This is largely an issue of management time. Effective tester engagement requires frequent, consistent check-ins that are tedious to manage and difficult to stay on top of. At the same time, this consistency is fundamental to securing a steady and abundant flow of feedback.

Remember our smart bot Ted? This is where he comes in. Ted sends out updates and reminders to testers on weekly activities and notices when a testing area needs more input. And he does it automatically — in cadenced emails that feel human and keep project tasks top of mind. In fact, Ted is so good at his job that many testers assume he's a real person.

Ted ensures the features and experiences you care about get the attention they deserve from testers so you get better feedback without ever having to send follow-up emails or bug testers for information.

Ted is also your user testing Scrum master, providing daily progress reports and surfacing important insights that allow you to focus your efforts on releasing the best product possible in the least amount of time.

Benefit 2: True KPIs for a Clear View of ROI

One of the biggest challenges in any user testing program is demonstrating ROI to diverse stakeholders and executives. Between decentralized data, inconsistent processes, hard-to-identify insights, and muddy follow-through, the tangible returns from user testing are notoriously difficult to pin down.

So, we solved that too. The Centercode Delta release auto-generates clear insight into how your project, product, feature-set, and each individual feature are performing in the form of clear-cut dashboards. These dashboards are headlined with three benchmark metrics of success.

  1. The Delta Health Score consistently measures testing coverage and user feedback. A high score signifies that you have enough feedback to make key product decisions and move towards release with increased certainty. A low score means you need more coverage and/or feedback before you can really dig into making fixes and improvements with confidence.
  2. The Delta Success Score collects and summarizes the overall sentiment and impact of your user feedback to offer a revolutionary benchmark of product success in the eyes of your target before you take on the risk of a market-wide release.
  3. The Delta Impact Score measures the ROI of the test itself based on the impact of the specific fixes and features implemented throughout the testing process.

To further help enhance your product, the platform will present you with a list of improvements you should address in order to reach a target score for each benchmark metric. For example, if your current score is 70 but your target score is 80, the platform will tell you what fixes and improvements need to happen to achieve your target score of 80.

Now, you can rely on these key scores to see how much feedback a user test is generating, visualize how the issues and improvements made to a product are impacting user sentiment as time goes on, and the ROI of those initiatives.

Finally, an Automated User Testing Solution for Product Professionals - Part 2

With a daily overview in the form of a scrum-style email and drill-down capabilities for more details into each of these dashboards, the Delta release offers unparalleled visibility into critical aspects of user testing and product performance.

And because these dashboards are auto-generated, it eliminates the time and tedium involved with building and presenting decks with your findings.

Benefit 3: Plug-and-Play Planning

It's widely understood that planning is the key to success. But details like the ideal number of testers for a given project, how long a test should last, and other critical decisions are not an exact science. Until now.

The Delta release takes the guesswork out of planning with prescriptive recommendations based on what you need to achieve and when. This plug-and-play approach equips testing professionals with Centercode's 20 years of best practices for running successful projects.

Benefit 4: Test Surveys That Write Themselves

Survey writing isn't easy. It's even harder when user testing tools are disjointed and disorganized, resulting in a pool of unreliable or inaccurate survey data.

Centercode's Delta release drives rich sentiment-based user feedback, which is automatically collected, scored and prioritized all in one place. Which means you no longer need to deal with collecting test outcomes and user satisfaction from different sources and platforms on your own.

Finally, an Automated User Testing Solution for Product Professionals - Part 2

Apply Delta Testing to Every Phase of Development

The Centercode platform can be used at any stage of development. Whether it's about deepening market research findings, supercharging alpha testing with employee insights, promoting a product-centric culture, or taking the results from beta, field, and UAT to the next level, the Centercode Delta release is an automated testing solution built for product managers, designed to make you more successful in less time.

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