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How Centercode Is Helping You Adapt to the Unknown

August 14, 2020

The world is in a constant state of change — and it’s never been more apparent than during this period of global COVID disruption. Tech companies, in particular, are adapting in several ways. Some are scaling down the number of product launches to focus their resources on a select few. Some are reimagining the use of existing products for new markets and new audiences. Meanwhile, internet companies with products relevant to these new circumstances are boosting their output to meet the demand.

At Centercode, we’re in tune with these changes because adaptability is one of our core values. Professionals charged with ensuring high product quality, choosing delightful product features to develop, and managing customer tests that increase product success are used to adapting on the fly. We’re right there with them, doing everything we can to keep our solutions as flexible as they are.

How Centercode Is Helping You Adapt to the Unknown

From how we support our customers to how we support our teammates, it’s part of who we are as a company. Here’s how we’re helping you and other world-class tech companies roll with the punches and get things done.

We’re Shrinking Time Spent Testing

So You Have More Bandwidth to Focus on Your Product

Whether you’re adapting by scaling down product releases, introducing existing products into new markets, or increasing your output to give your customers more offerings, your products have to be winners. Effective customer testing is the not-so-secret ingredient to the stellar quality and satisfaction that drive high star ratings and increased revenue. But ensuring those tests produce the results you need eats up time you could focus on other success drivers.

What if you could get some of that time back? The Centercode Platform boosts effectiveness and productivity by automating community nurturing, reminders, surveys, and reporting. We’re even pushing automation one step further with machine learning-driven tester engagement. Built on best practices, it’s a Centercode expert in your pocket — netting hours of work in just minutes so you can focus on churning out vetted product recommendations.

Learn more about the Tester Engagement Director “Ted” in this Q&A with Centercode CEO Luke Freiler.

We’re Keeping You Connected to Your Customers

So You Can Keep Growing Despite COVID Disruption

It’s not just product schedules and manufacturing processes that have to change and adapt. Everything is changing, especially your customers’ home, work, and social lives. It’s more important than ever to stay on top of what the “new normal” is for both your loyal customers and new, potential customers who are in need of your offerings.

Our tester network, Betabound, is made of over 250,000 users — and it’s growing every day. No matter how niche your audience or specific your testing needs, Betabound is a reliable resource that plugs your product into the homes, tech, and sentiments of enthusiastic, pre-profiled testers from all over the world.

Learn about Betabound’s Ambassador Program in this 10-minute introduction from Centercode’s Product Director of Community, Brad Day.

We’re Doing Anything and Everything

To Help Each Other and Our Customers Succeed

Part of what it means to adapt is to go above and beyond to get things done. As Centercode, we’re all about stepping up to the plate when our team needs us. Here are just a few examples of the times our teammates have gone the extra mile for someone in need.

“Within a moment’s notice, Diego joined me for an inbound qualifying call after I quickly found out the prospect needed communication to be in Spanish. Not only did he give her the high-level details of our software and services, but he signed into the demo site mid-conversation and walked her through a bit of the software. Once the call was over, he followed up with a translated post-call email with relevant details from the conversation.”

“Drew has done an awesome job rolling with the punches for his upcoming test. He’s working with a product manager who is new to the process, and he makes sure to answer all her questions and concerns. He’s also handled the numerous delays with ease and confidence, letting our clients know their test is in good hands regardless of the ever-changing schedule.”

“When I need to take things off my plate and divide up work, Dallas is there to get things done. I don’t have to micromanage his efforts and he stays productive despite the radical changes we are living with now.”

“Last night at 10 PM, there were some issues with the deployment of our Sunday patch. Neil, Bryan, Mark, Tony, and Frank all worked together to address and fix the issue. They were able to get the patch out, as well as identify ways in which to safeguard against this happening in the future. Really impressed by the way our team comes together!”

“I’ve been working on a handful of deals with Kyle recently, and he has one of the best attitudes. He’s always willing to take feedback, do groundwork, and roll with the punches. He remains positive and professional even when his little kid is trying to destroy his sanity on camera. It’s great working with you, man.”

Let’s Carve Your Path Forward

It’s hard to see the best path forward when things are uncertain. With two decades of experience, Centercode has helped guide today’s leading tech companies through uncertainty, including a recession, disruptive tech, and constantly evolving customer needs. Tell us about your needs — and what we can do to clear your way forward — by scheduling time with our expert testing consultants.

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