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Building a Panel and Product Testing with Creatives

Posted on
June 13, 2023

In this episode, we had the pleasure of hosting a remarkable guest, Pete D'Alessandro, Director of Digital Products at Cast and Crew. With his extensive experience in the entertainment industry and expertise in software development, Pete brought a wealth of knowledge to our discussion.

Pete shared invaluable insights on managing beta testing and customer validation in the entertainment industry, particularly in screenwriting and customer validation processes. D'Alessandro discusses the challenges of testing with a creative audience, saying, "No two writers work the same way. Nobody works the same way."

He also shared his take on AI's impact on community building and content creation. Key questions explored in this conversation include:

  • How crucial is user feedback in product development?
  • How can AI help make people smarter and more efficient in tasks like writing and searching for information?
  • What is the importance of strong relationships with clients and regularly receiving inside information to stay informed and make better decisions?

Tune in to learn valuable lessons from Pete D'Alessandro and Chris Rader on navigating the ever-evolving entertainment industry, emphasizing user-focused and agile product management.

In this episode:

  • (1:50) - Cast & Crew, Final Draft, and the entertainment industry
  • (10:24) - Evolving Final Draft’s beta testing program via Centercode
  • (19:26) - Crafting personas and staying up to date with your audience with testing
  • (21:14) - The new paradigm of AI and how it affects everyone
  • (26:23) - Being nimble, staying on the cutting edge, and the human element
  • (39:40) - Understanding your audience to find real solutions
  • (48:37) - Beta testing as a safe space to share new ideas and collaborate with your audience
  • (52:45) - Advice to new product managers starting their journey in beta testing

About Our Guest:

Pete D’Alessandro has been a product manager in the entertainment industry for almost a decade, specializing in high-impact productivity tools. At Final Draft, the world’s leading screenwriting software, Pete led beta testing and customer validation through Final Draft 10 and Final Draft 11.

Currently he’s the Director of Digital Products at Cast & Crew, where he’s driven customer validation to the forefront of product strategy, putting the user first.

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Download the transcript here.

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