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The Benefits of Delta Testing Enable You To Do More With Less

November 18, 2022

Are you struggling to apply traditional beta testing processes to your continuous delivery practices? There was a time when beta testing was the most effective way to evaluate how customers were using products in real environments. It was a simpler time — before smartphones, wifi, the mass migration of sales to e-commerce, the ubiquity of social media and online reviews, and before rapid, continuous iteration became the norm. But those days are long gone, and the viability of traditional beta testing died with them. 

Today's technologies are complex, products are more interconnected than ever, demanding audiences are flooded with market alternatives, and it takes constant iteration to keep up with it all. Not to mention, many companies have fewer resources due to economic uncertainty and are left having to pick up beta testing on top of their already existing responsibilities. How’s that going to work?

Delta testing is the solution. Delta testing is a movement in modern product development that reimagines beta and other forms of user testing in an automated and continuous fashion, allowing you to do so much more with less. Technology has evolved exponentially, from the way products are developed to how they're consumed — and yesterday's testing methods just can't keep up.

What is delta testing?

Delta testing is the modern user testing solution that answers the unique demands of today's customers, products, and development styles. More specifically, delta testing is automated, saving tons of time. It's aligned with sprints and the continuous nature of agile development. And it's structured in a way that makes test execution much easier. Delta testing puts functioning products in the hands of targeted audiences in their homes, offices, and other technology ecosystems to solicit real-world feedback over an extended period of time. Check out four common delta testing use cases that can be used in product development.

What are the benefits of delta testing?

Unlike prior methods, delta leverages a straightforward process driven by advanced technology in order to achieve far greater results in less time than previously viable.

Delta testing:

  • Provides structured processes for effective test execution
  • Drives rich, actionable feedback from a targeted audience
  • Aligns with agile development and regular software updates
  • Integrates into your business systems, so there is a seamless flow of data
  • Automates messaging and reporting, saving hours of manual work
  • Facilitates higher engagement on relevant areas of the product you care about
  • Centralizes testing and results, so more teams have access
  • Minimizes the cost and resources necessary for running traditional user tests
  • Provides peace of mind for product and executive teams

Do more with less

By centralizing tasks and insights into a single powerful system like delta, the friction of executing user tests disappears. This leaves room for modern organizations to perfect products, reduce the amount of time it takes to get the job done, maximize the data they have by collecting qualitative and quantitative data, and integrate everything all in one place to ensure every issue gets resolved.

Delta ensures you get the biggest impact from your testing efforts – from increased revenue, faster product releases, higher tester participation to a ton of saved time. Delta can support you every step of the way, so you don’t have to walk alone.

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