Centercode for Mobile Betas

Mobile app beta tests typically focus on quality, user acceptance, and performance in a highly fragmented and rapidly changing landscape.

Mobile Beta Test Traits

  • Platform Specific - Most mobile apps run on a single platform such as iOS, Android, or Windows Phone. All participants must have access to and at least a basic knowledge of this platform, and many of the issues uncovered throughout the beta test will be unique and specific to the platform.
  • Network Specific - Many mobile apps rely heavily on the network(s) the device exists on. This means you need to take network coverage into consideration when selecting participants and evaluating feedback.
  • Geographic Features - Due to the mobile nature of their parent products, along with the common ability to detect geographic location, many mobile apps make extensive use of geography in their feature set. So you need to recruit testers across a large geographic area for your test.
  • Peripheral Dependent - Many mobile app tests are reliant on specific peripherals which enable or improve the experience. This could mean anything from allowing users to link to social networking apps, or connecting to outside headphones and keyboards. It could also mean connecting to behind the scenes processes such as payment systems or usage tracking tools.
  • Product Component - Mobile apps are often a component of a bigger product. So their beta test can be one component of a larger test and release strategy.

Mobile Beta Test Challenges

  • Non-Savvy Participants - Depending on the nature of the app, mobile users may not be very technical. This may be exactly what you're looking for, depending on your app. But it often reduces participation if testers get frustrated or don't understand the product.
  • Sufficient Coverage - Customer location, subscribed network, and peripherals may greatly affect testers' usage and perception of your product. Ensuring your participant pool provides sufficiently diverse coverage to assess these issues can be difficult.
  • Limited Attention - Mobile apps generally exist alongside many other apps, in an environment intended to be consumed in small bites. Due to this it can be challenging to ensure beta participants are focusing enough of their time and energy to ensure the product performs to your expectations.
  • Platform Specific Barriers - Some mobile app platforms are not entirely open, and therefore may not allow for easy distribution of pre-release products.
  • Highly Limited Test Periods - Given the current quick-moving nature of many mobile platforms, companies are often racing to be first to market, limiting the available time for a sufficient beta period.

How Centercode Software Can Help Learn More »

  • Test Platforms - The Centercode platform allows you to collect detailed information about the products your customers own. Test platform profiles can be attached to feedback (bugs, etc.), offering you instant knowledge of the geography, network, and other factors influencing that feedback.
  • Targeted Recruitments - In addition to participant test platforms, Centercode allows you to target your recruitment based on location, past performance, interests, geography, and whatever other information you choose to gather from your testers.
  • Tasks - Our software allows you to assign specific tasks to ensure beta participants understand exactly where they should be focusing their attention. Task Acceptance allows your participants to indicate exactly what they're capable of accomplishing (network, platform, etc.), helping you ensure coverage in your testing efforts.
  • Mobile Interface - Our software works on mobile phones and tablets, so your testers can submit their feedback straight from their device, increasing participation and engagement in your project.

How Centercode Managed Betas Can Help Learn More »

  • Consulting - Our Managed Betas Team can help you understand the process of getting your pre-release mobile apps into the hands of active beta participants.
  • Communities - Our community is loaded with both tech savvy and novice users, many of which have completed detailed profiles of the mobile devices they own. We can help recruit users who match both your specific app platform and target market.
  • Offset Your Resources - If your timeline is extremely tight, or your programmers are the ones expected to run the beta, outsourcing your project to our expert team of beta test managers can produce amazing results at a reasonable price, without putting strain on your limited resources.

Centercode Mobile Beta Test Customers

  • Sling Media
    Sling Media Streaming Media Devices
  • T-Mobile
    T-Mobile Mobile Phones & Network
  • Apple
    Apple Consumer Hardware & Software
  • TomTom
    TomTom GPS Hardware & Software
  • IdeaLab
    IdeaLab Idea Accelerator
  • Swipp
    Swipp Mobile Social Software
  • YD Online
    YD Online Online & Mobile Gaming
  • 10n2 Tech
    10n2 Tech Mobile Safety
  • Ethofy
    Ethofy Mobile Marketing Software
  • Mobile Iron
    Mobile Iron Mobile Device Management

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