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Latest Centercode Release Overhauls Onboarding and Reporting Features

September 6, 2016

I’m exceptionally proud to announce the latest release of the Centercode platform, which is a huge step forward in advancing its customer validation capabilities. This release focuses on the two extreme spectrums of the customer testing process — the beginning, with a highly flexible user onboarding system, and the end, with a whole new approach to data reporting and analytics.

Flexible Onboarding System

Overhauling our sign-up and recruitment tools, our new onboarding system offers a diverse collection of new and enhanced ways to get users into your tester community and/or individual projects. We now offer a comprehensive referral system, as well as low-friction email opt-in, readable links, event keys, beta keys, and much more to better build and manage your tester community and team members.

In addition, we’ve completely redesigned the way users are handled during this process, allowing for easier nurturing to greatly increase your user acquisition results.

C12 onboarding

Beautiful Reporting Engine

Our new and advanced reporting engine offers a real-time exploratory interface that enables you to more quickly find and dive into all of the diverse data your testers have generated. We’ve expanded our reporting capabilities to include additional data types (e.g. dates, text analytics, numbers, Net Promoter Score) and beautiful new visualizations (e.g. dashboards, star ratings, word clouds).

Our export capabilities have also been greatly enhanced to offer your data for quick review (as an email), manipulation and analysis (Excel spreadsheet), and instant presentation (PDF).

C12 reporting

Modern Interface

Our entire user interface has been refreshed to provide a sleeker, more consistent look and feel across the entire platform, including our mobile interface. Custom themes can now be previewed instantly, and include beautiful background images and videos.

Finally, our new global WYSIWYG editor and upload systems make it easier than ever to focus on producing great content that’s displayed beautifully.

Interactive Support

To fully support this release and beyond, we’ve implemented an in-site support system that provides immediate access to our top-notch support team from within your Centercode portal. They’ll have more information at their fingertips to provide answers faster than ever. On top of that, your personal support history is maintained and accessible at all times.

Finally, this release includes a huge variety of bug fixes and additional small improvements designed to further enhance your testing experience.

We hope you enjoy this release and, as always, sincerely welcome any feedback you may have.

Luke Freiler
CEO @ Centercode

Ps. If you’re not currently a customer, we’d love to show you what this latest release can do to enhance your customer validation program.

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