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Our Favorite Thank You Notes from Customers and Testers

November 27, 2019

‘Tis the season for gratitude. With Thanksgiving coming, we’re feeling especially grateful to work with you guys — the best customers, collaborators, contributors, and testers in the world!

Knowing you’re helping to make lives a little easier and technology a little better is an intrinsic part of what it means to be a Centercoder. Ask anyone on the team, and they will tell you that seeing our customers improve their products is the most satisfying part of their job.

I’m happy when my customers are satisfied.

– pretty much every Centercoder said this

In the spirit of the season, we asked our Customer Success and Managed Services teams to share some of the most meaningful thank-yous they’ve received from customers and testers.

Tony, Sr. Director of Customer Success

Our team is very committed to our customers’ success (get it?), and it really shines in the feedback they receive on a daily basis. I love reading them all and sharing my favorites with the rest of the company every month. It’s amazing to be part of a team that inspires so much gratitude and positivity.

Our Favorite "Thank You" Notes from Customers and Testers
Diego, Program Manager

The nicest thank you note I’ve ever received was from a customer who inherited the platform after the person in charge left. I worked closely with their team, running projects, coaching the new team members, and implementing best practices — with the goal they’d be able to take this on without me. At the end of the project, the progress they made was clear, and the kind words they shared about our work together literally made me tear up. There’s never a better feeling than knowing you truly helped someone achieve their goals.

“You’re personable, very easy to work with, and extremely patient, which we all appreciated when we were frustrated and didn’t know what was going on. You took good care of us, and you are a good therapist as well, Diego! We just would not have been able to kick this project off and be where we are without you.”

Doug, Program Manager

I received an email noting the fantastic support on a project I managed for a telecommunications customer. The first time we tested the product, we helped their team identify areas that needed improvement. Later, we ran a second test on the same product to validate those changes.

The customer was very satisfied to see how much the product had improved between those two CV tests. I find it very rewarding to see the results of a successful test lead our customers to make informed decisions about their products.

Travis, Customer Success Manager

Taking a proactive approach to support means finding solutions to questions that haven’t been asked yet. It’s an amazing feeling when we find those opportunities, and nicer still when our customers take notice.

“Travis provided more than just an answer. I wasn’t sure how to navigate a situation, and he gave me the solution, creating a short video that showed the exact route — much appreciated.”

Michelle, Program Manager

I ran a test for a health monitoring device. One of our testers got a heart rate alert from the device, took it to a doctor, and found out they had a heart problem that needed treatment right away. The tester was really thankful they were given the opportunity to test the product because they might not have discovered their heart problem otherwise. Testing products that make the world better is awesome, but seeing them make a direct difference in someone’s life was especially rewarding.

Drew, Program Manager

Sometimes, testers will send us notes about how they enjoyed the test. One man enjoyed testing so much that he printed a photo of himself and sent it back with the test unit, along with a short note sharing his enthusiasm for the project. We routinely work with hundreds of testers and read countless issues and ideas, but this personal note of gratitude stands out. It still makes me smile to this day.

Jim, Customer Success Manager

Our CEO Luke received a very thoughtful and appreciative email from a program manager who was moving on from his involvement with one of Centercode’s customers. He had really nice things to say about every individual on the Customer Success Team, but I still remember my favorite line.

“I know these guys were physically located in the back of the building, as many customer support teams are. But as a value-add to your company, they are front and center.”

Mike, Program Manager

A few years ago, one of our best testers sent this note. It’s pretty excellent!

“Working with Centercode has shaped my technology interests and helped create the smart home I live in, the computer technology I use daily, and the high-end home theater systems I have now. It really is amazing when I think about how many products I have and still use on a daily basis. But that takes a back seat to what I have learned because of Centercode.”

And It’s All Thanks to You

A big, warm thank you to all of our customers, contributors, and testers! From the Centercode family to yours, we’re wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.

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