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Top Tech Traits Consumers Are Shopping for This Cyber Monday

November 20, 2019

Thanksgiving marks the biggest shopping weekend of the year, and if the trend continues, Cyber Monday will shatter retail records again as more and more consumers shop from the comfort of home. Last year, more than 174 million Americans shopped over Thanksgiving weekend, with 7 in 10 shoppers making purchases online. And with retailers continuing to offer massive discounts, you can bet your bottom dollar that consumers will be spending millions on technology.

What will shoppers look for when making tech purchases this Cyber Monday? The Centercode Research Team surveyed over 4000 consumers about their attitudes toward popular tech gifts. Their responses reveal what prospective customers want out of their tech purchases, and the qualities that encourage them to buy.

Here are the top 3 tech traits that will lead to sales this Cyber Monday — and 3 tips for ensuring your product delivers them.


Users want a lot out of their tech products, but high-quality is at the top of the list. It’s especially important to consumers interested in purchasing computers, televisions, smartphones, audio equipment, and other big-ticket tech items this Cyber Monday. Seamless functionality, durability, sleekness, and other markers of high-quality tech products will be major priorities for shoppers taking advantage of holiday discounts.

To Ensure Quality: Test Interoperability in the Real World

Consumers expect their smart products to coexist effortlessly with their other devices — even as constant updates, iterations, and new products make their technological landscapes unimaginably diverse.

Ongoing iteration is the norm for consumer electronics producers these days. And to guarantee the high-quality experience their customers expect, makers are adopting continuous customer testing practices to validate the performance of new releases in the real world.

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For consumers looking at smartwatches and other wearables, usefulness is the key selling point. Users are looking for technology that not only works well but improves their quality of everyday life. Survey takers reported that to identify usefulness, they look at aspects like convenience and efficiency.

To Ensure Usefulness: Recruit from All Corners of Your Target Market

As mainstream, less tech-savvy audiences seek more sophisticated tech products, the way those products are used, as well as expectations for what they can and should do, are changing. To adapt your roadmap and iterate on your product so that it continuously aligns with your audience’s needs, it’s important that your testers reflect the demographics, psychographics, and technographics of your target market.

This means looking critically at your target market and recruiting targeted, enthusiastic testers who will use, troubleshoot, and ideate each new release in ways that match your actual customers.

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Fun was the most desirable trait for shoppers interested in purchasing drones and robots, but the sentiment isn’t limited to toys or games. Consumers are just as interested in bringing home delightful products that they enjoy using.

To Ensure a Fun Experience: Collect Ideas and Praise

There’s more to developing a delightful product than making sure it’s bug-free. Consumers want a more fulfilling user experience than a product that simply works. Understanding what’s delighting your audience and what makes your product fun and satisfying to use is critical.

Opening feedback channels to collect ideas, suggestions, and praise gives you a direct line to improving satisfaction for your target market. By inviting these insights, you’re extending the value of your Customer Validation program in ways automation will never be able to replace.

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Customer Validation Beyond Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday may be shattering records once a year, but validating your product with target market testers before every release helps you carve out a product your customers will buy all year round. Ensure a consistently high-quality and useful product your audience will love with the continuous customer testing tactics in Delta Testing 101 Ebook.

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