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Women's Health in Wearable Tech with Alexa Murray

Posted on
March 19, 2024

Welcome to our latest episode where we dive into the world of health and fitness tech with Alexa Murray from Whoop. Join us as we explore what's going on in women's health, the power of continuous discovery, and the art of involving your market in development. Alexa shares her insights on using OKRs, beta testing, and the balance of beachhead and blinders in tech innovation. Get ready to be inspired by a leader who's shaping the future of wearable technology!

In This Episode:

(0:00) - Intro

(1:30) - Alexa talks about Whoop's continuous wear and health analysis.

(2:12) - Whoop's approach to personalized health insights.

(7:31) - Emphasis on the importance of diverse perspectives in product design.

(19:22) - Discussion of ongoing adaptation to market changes and user needs.

(25:15) - Alexa's tips on inclusive product development.

(40:48) - The role of empathy in understanding user journeys.

(45:15) - Alexa on adapting features based on user feedback.

About Our Guest:

Alexa Murray is a key figure in women's health at Whoop, steering product management to meet women's specific health needs. Her background, including critical roles at Goldman Sachs, enriches her expertise at the nexus of technology and women’s wellness. As the podcast producer for FemTech Focus, Alexa amplifies crucial discussions on women’s health tech, offering insights into the sector's evolution.

Outside her primary role, Alexa goes beyond product management, offering guidance to startups via Eniac Ventures and advocating for women in tech with MGMT Boston. Her strategic approach to product development—rooted in a deep understanding of market needs—coupled with her commitment to diversity, drives forward-thinking solutions in women’s health technology, showcasing her pivotal role in shaping the field's future.

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