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Content Release

Announcing our Beta Test Agreement Kit

April 28, 2011

In the spirit of helping more companies run successful beta tests, we’re happy to release our first premium content offering — the Beta Test Agreement Kit. This free download introduces companies to the different agreements commonly used in beta testing, with ready-to-use templates of the actual documents and a detailed companion guide to help explain all the legal jargon. The templates were professionally reviewed by Gallinger Law, whom we’d like to thank for their assistance.

When you download the Beta Test Agreement Kit it, you’ll receive our:

  • Standalone Beta Participant Agreement (BPA) that outlines tester expectations and other important information;
  • Standalone Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to ensure beta test and product secrecy;
  • Hybrid BPA and NDA that covers everything in one document; and
  • Detailed companion document that explains the contents of the agreements, common variations so that you can tailor the agreements to suit your particular test, and an FAQ section.

Download our free Beta Test Agreement Kit now!

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