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Announcing our Free Hardware Beta Planning Kit

November 9, 2011

Like all projects, a successful beta test begins with a well-developed plan and concrete objectives. Our objective is to make that planning easier by offering resources built on our 10+ years of experience in beta management. One important lesson we’ve learned is that creating a hardware beta plan is decidedly different from creating a software beta test plan. There are subtle nuances in areas like budgeting and product distribution, and completely new problems like acquiring beta hardware and replacing defective units. We’re here to help you prepare for all of these unique challenges.

Our free Hardware Beta Planning Kit includes everything you need to produce a comprehensive beta plan:

1. Ready-to-Use Beta Test Plan Template

We’ve developed a template that’s complete, easy to use, and will make you look great. Our template covers more than 20 unique beta planning topics from scheduling, to budgeting, to closing your beta.

2. Detailed Step-by-Step Companion Guide

We’ve included a detailed guide that walks you through every topic found in the template. The guide also includes more than 25 great tips to help build a bulletproof beta.

3. Fully Developed Sample Beta Plan

Lastly, we’ve included a working example of a complete beta test plan using our template. If you’re looking for inspiration as you’re drafting your own beta plan, this is your handy reference.
Download our free Hardware Planning Kit now!

Interested in a plan for software projects? We have one of those, too.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Calsidyrose.

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